wifi-laptop1We have free wireless internet in all the Yuma County libraries! Patrons are welcome to make use of this service on all of their portable devices. There is no time limit on wireless internet use. To get the passcode for the wireless network, just go to any information desk. Each library branch has its own passcode. Please note that the wireless network is self-service.


What do I need?
The library provides free wifi service for wifi enabled laptops. You don’t need a library card, but you will need to obtain the passcode used at your location.

Do you have Ethernet?
The library has many power outlets available, but the internet is only provided in a wireless mode.

How can I print with my laptop?
To print from your laptop, http://yumalibrary.org/wireless/ visit the wireless printing page while in the library.  Please note that you will need to install the printer driver for this service to work.