A Hidden Gem within the Online Resources

Are you curious about what is happening around the world or locally? Or maybe you are a student struggling to find a topic to write a paper for school? Well you are in luck because the Yuma County Library District offers a great resource to help you find articles on specific topics around the world.

NewsBank is one of the best online resources the library offers. It provides a comprehensive collection of reliable news sources covering a wide array of topics and issues. You might have used part of this online resource by accessing the Arizona Daily Star and Yuma Sun links in the Newspapers, Magazines & Comics section of the Online Resources without being aware of all the extra features it has to offer.

Screenshot of the YCLD website drop down menu highlighting the Online Resources menu and the Newspapers, Magazines & Comics link.

There is no direct link to the NewsBank landing page. In order to access this hidden gem, click on the Yuma Sun link or Arizona Daily Star link. Then, from the top drop down menu, click “All Databases” to navigate to the NewsBank landing page.

On the new page that opens, click the “Find Topics” link. Feel free to explore the other links as well if you see something of interest.

You can perform a search straight from the search box on this page to find articles on the topics you are interested. I prefer to click on the suggested topics and see what is available.

To find news articles on a specific part of the world click on “Map Search”.

Pick a continent and country you are interested on reading news from and click search.

You now will see news articles from the region you selected.

Many people are not aware the library offers this resource because you don’t see it when clicking on the Arizona Daily Star and Yuma Sun links. You have to explore the site to find it. I really enjoy using this resource as it provides news articles and journals from around the world. Hopefully this post brings this hidden gem to your attention so you can enjoy it as I do and use it to research topics of interest.