YCLD Biographies

TITLE: Yuma County Library- Biography Collection.


DATE RANGE:  1850s-current




PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:  37 linear feet (75 boxes)


PROVENANCE: Over 3,200 biographical files compiled from various sources by staff and volunteers between 1965 and 2012 comprise this collection   






CREDIT LINE: (Name of File), Biography Collection, Y-MS 14, Yuma County Library District, Yuma, Arizona


PROCESSED BY:  John Irwin, 2013


SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE:  Biography folders are filed alphabetical by the last name of the individual or family group.  Original photographs found in these files are organized within the YCLD Subject Photograph Collection.  A significant number of individuals also have oral histories filed alphabetically within the YCLD Oral History Collection.


Maiden family surnames of women are noted in parenthesis when known and are useful in connecting family groups.  Also listed in parenthesis are nicknames, tribal affiliation, and towns and geographical locations other than the City of Yuma, if the person or family was particularly identified with a particular location.  Artistic and creative occupations are also noted, such as writer, musician, dancer, photographer and artist.   


The scope of the collection is regional.  In addition to Yuma County, the biographical files cover what is now La Paz County; western Maricopa County; eastern Imperial County, California, especially the Fort Yuma Quechan Reservation and Winterhaven located across the Colorado River from Yuma; Bard and the Picacho Mining District in California northwest of Yuma.   


The Biography Collection consists of a wide range of materials.  Individual files may contain genealogy and family history information, reminiscences, interviews, resumes, obituaries, eulogies, funeral cards, newspaper and magazine articles, research notes, and occasionally original or photocopied correspondence, legal documents such as birth and death certificates, real estate deeds, wills, and family memorabilia.   Many files contain only a single item, while some files are voluminous, especially those of pioneers and Yuma families of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 


Between 1993 and 2012 volunteers assembled and organized newspaper articles in the Yuma Daily Sun that featured individuals from all backgrounds.   These contemporary biographical materials are included in this collection. 


Although the Biography Collection contains many obituaries, the files are not comprehensive nor do they contain all obituaries that may have been published in Yuma County newspapers.  


This is an active collection intended for adding new materials.




Box Title
  Surname Index, Arizona Sentinel newspaper, 1872-1899
1 Yuma Area Pioneers – Lists and Brief Biographies
  Abarca, John Romero
  Abbott, J. S. 
  Abril, Louis M. (“Gordo”)
  Acheson, Rev Raymond C. and Mildred (Howell)
  Acker, Zaida (Tacna, Ariz.)
  Adams, Clifton
  Adams, Henry P. 
  Adams, Tom
  Adams, Vonnie
  Adair, Norman and Ruby (Livingston)
  Adams, Samuel (“Steamboat”)
  Aepli, David C. 
  Aguirre, Amanda
  Aguirre, Mary
  Aigla, Pluma
  Ajsenberg, Abraham
  Akers, Walter
  Alarcon, Hernando
  Aldrich, Harold
  Alexander, Bill
  Alexander Family
  Alexander, Henry Nash 
  Alexander, Louis W. 
  Alexander, Marion T. 
  Alford, Burt
  Allec, Marie
  Allec, Mary C. 
  Allen, Dan
  Allen, Esther
  Allen, Carol Hales
  Allen, Dora


  Allen, H. B. (“Pie”)
  Allen, Mary E. 
  Allen, Ray (woodcraftsman artist)
  Allen, Sallie Fox (includes photocopy 1859 Gila Trail reminiscence)
  Allman, Perry
  Allt, Mary E. 
  Allt, R. John Francis
  Allt, Tom
  Almas, Bob
  Alspach, Tom and Nita
  Alvarado, Carmen
  Alvarado Family
  Alvarez, Abraham
  Alvarez, Gill
  Alvarez, Paul and Matt
  Alvarez, Ramon G. 
2 Amabisca Family
  Amado, Manuel H. 
  Amavisca Family
  Ammons, Carl R. 
  Ammons, Lena (Holling)
  Ammons, Mary (Alexander)
  Ammons, Millard and Olive (Alexander)
  Amon, Drs Brock and Jean
  Amparo, Naomi
  Anderson, Bill
  Anderson, Brad (cartoon artist)
  Anderson, Charles V. 
  Anderson, Cindy
  Anderson, Elizabeth
  Anderson, Jane (Foster) (WWII Nazi Berlin broadcaster)
  Anderson, Robert A. (“Bob”) (“Red”)
  Anderson, Ed
  Anderson, Eunice L. 
  Anderson, Gay
  Anderson, W. J. Sr. 
  Andress, Walter and Jacqueline (Ridenour)
  Andrews, Neil B. 
  Angel, Jose
  Angelico, Salvatore (“Sam”) J. 
  Angelo Family
  Ankrim (Auksienne), William J. 
  Anisello Family
  Antone, Barbara
  ApJohn, Dr. Henri


  Appleby, Roger (“Buck”)
  Araza, Bob
  Arce, David (dancer)
  Arce, Jennifer
  Archibald, Conception (Wong Bueno) (San Luis, Ariz.)
  Armbruster, Jim
  Armenta, Elizabeth
  Armenta, Iona Catherina
  Armenta, Jesus
  Armenta, Mariana Norton
  Armento, Pio
  Armistead, Lewis
  Armstrong, George 
  Armstrong, William W. (“Bill”)
  Arnabar, Dr. Candido P. A.
  Arnold, Dr. John
  Arnold, George N. 
  Arnold, Virginia
  Arretche, Joanie
  Arriola, David
  Arrow-weed, Preston (Quechan)
  Arroyo, Calixio
  Artist, Raymond E. 
  Arviso, Francisco Sanchez and Antonia (Chavez) Family (Picachao, Calif.)
  Atmar, Joseph W. Jr. 
  Aubrey, Francois Xavier 
  Autrey, Ann
  Aversch, John (“Go John”)
  Avila Family
  Avila, Ray
  Avila, Tim
  Axford, Joseph (“Mack”)
  Ayala, Adeline Mercedes (Redondo)
  Ayala, Alex
  Ayala, Edward
  Ayala, Mary Ann (Redondo)
3 Babb, William Dillard Jr. Family
  Babcock, Eugene (“Gene”) and Velma (Jacobs) (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Babcock, Grant and Sue Ann (Simons) Family
  Babiars, Brian
  Bachman, Sallyanne
  Badilla, Tony
  Badillo, Pedro (“Six-Toed Pete”)
  Badgley, Betty J.                                          


  Badgley, Sara Pat
  Badone, Richard
  Baggett, Don
  Baggiore, John D. 
  Bailey, Don
  Bailey, Elfie
  Bailey, John B. Sr. 
  Baker, C. H. 
  Baker, Charles E. 
  Baker, Claude and Ida Belle (McCain)
  Baker, Edward B. and Delores (Ortiz) Family
  Baker, Edward L. 
  Baker, Henry E. 
  Baker, Hosea and Ruby G. (Sexton)
  Baker, Ida Belle (McCain)
  Baker, Joseph W. 
  Baker, Marian Evelyn
  Baker, Wimberly
  Baldwin, Thane
  Baltenbach, Judith
  Balsz, Alexander Family
  Balsz, David and Luz (Redondo) Family
  Balsz, Frederick
  Balsz, John Family
  Balsz, Joseph M. 
  Balsz, Josephene
  Baltz, William (“Bill”)
  Bandy, Tipton and Nancy Elizabeth (German)
  Bann, Anita Francis (Wadin)
  Bann, Thomas (“Tuck”) and Marilyn
  Banta, Albert Franklin (also known as Charles Franklin)
  Banueles, Cyrilo
4 Barajas, Javier
  Barclay, C. L. 
  Barker, Loay (McVay)
  Barkley Family
  Barkley, Les and Floy (Taylor)
  Barnes, Will C. 
  Barnes, Mary (Swadley)
  Barney, Mrs. Everista
  Barney, James Mitchell 
  Bartlett, John Russell
  Bassett, Elizabeth Ann
  Bates, Christine
  Batey, Becky


  Baxter, Frank
  Beach, Cora B. 
  Beach, Theo O. 
  Beach, Thomas
  Beale, Edward Fitzgerald
  Beard, Jack
  Beard, Rebecca Catherine (Reilly)
  Beas, Anthony Orejel
  Beatty, John C. 
  Beauvais, Crittenden John Family
  Beaver, Marion
  Beckett, R. E. 
  Bedoya, Arthur M..
  Beechler (Boechler, Buchler), Ernest
  Beecroft, Elizabeth Graves
  Beecroft, Joseph
  Beeler Family
  Beeler, Lois
  Beeman, Robbie
  Behan, John H. 
  Bell, Arthur and Dorothy
  Bell, Marilyn
  Belows, Yara
  Benedict, George Jr. and Helen (Arnold)
  Benigno, Petra (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Bennen, Newt
  Bennett, Donald
  Bennett, Helene (Thomas)
  Bennett, Dr. John E. (“Jack”)
  Benson, Ophie
  Bentley, Jan
  Berger, Bill
  Bernal, Ray
  Bernardo, Sam
  Berry, Myrtle (Lynch)
  Berry, William J. 
  Berryman Family
  Bettis, Elijah (Lige)
  Betts, Cara Nell
  Bickers, Merle
5 Bidwell, Thomas J. 
  Bienkowski, A. (“Charlie”)
  Biggers, Helen
  Birmingham, James R. (includes photos)
  Birmingham, Marcia (Sullivan)


  Bishop, Louis (Cibola, Ariz.)
  Bishop, Marian (Hansbeger)
  Bjorum, Ben
  Bjornstad, Jim
  Black, Donna
  Blair, Mrs. W. S. 
  Blake, Steve R. 
  Blake, William Phipps
  Blaker, Lyle
  Blakemore, Bob
  Blakely, Roger
  Blalack, Viola V. 
  Blaisdell Family (2 folders)
  Blethen, J. O. 
  Blitz, George
  Bocio, Linda
Boehringer, C. Louise
  Bogart, Betty and Norman
  Bojorques, Ambrocio and Juana (Bastita)
  Bolt, Peggy
  Bond, Clara-Beth
  Bond, Marshall (photocopy of diary 1915-1925)
  Borchers, Gilbert
  Borchers, Irene
  Borland, Ken
  Borquez, Pedro (Picacho, Calif.)
  Bort, Bill
  Bosanko, Ivan
7 Bossing, Adam
  Boswell, Robert
  Bottone, Tony
  Botzum, Clara Osborne (Parker, Ariz.)
  Bova, Sam
  Bower, Earl K. 
  Bower, Ray
  Bowers, Harriet
  Bowman, Neva
  Bowman, Sara A. (“The Great Western”) (folder 1 of 2)
  Bowman, Sara A. (“The Great Western”) (folder 2 of 2)
  Boyd, Ed E. 
8 Braden, Forrest Clifford (“Frosty”) and Margie
  Bradford, Elwood W. 
  Bradford, Walter and Lizzie
  Bradley, Omar
  Bradshaw, Fred


  Bradshaw, Harry
  Bradshaw, Isaac
  Bradshaw, William
  Brandenburg, John
  Brandt, Ralph and Zona (Cooper)
  Branton, Deborah
  Bradley, Tom (Los Angeles, Calif. Mayor)
  Bratcher, Eben
  Braun, Connie
  Breech, Harold B. 
  Beecroft, Doug
  Breedlove, Ransom D. and Jack
  Brent, William Thomas (Bill) and Milarde  (writer)
  Brewer, Jim
  Brewer, Paul
  Bridge, George
  Bridges, John L. (“Jack”)
  Brinley, Charles
  Bristow, Ernest
  Bristow, James G. 
  Bristow, James William and Josephine Louis (Baize)
  Bristow, Lewis James
  Bristow, Will Anna
  Britian, Andy
  Britt, George A. 
  Brochert, Jackie and Mike
  Brockway, Harvey W. 
  Brooks, Bobbie LeRoy
  Brooks, Brendon
  Brooks, Dennis
  Brooks, Dora A. 
  Brooks, Frank H. 
  Brooks, Fred
  Brooks, Jay and Leah (Bendle)
  Brooks, Wahner Emalus
  Brophy, Irene (Nunez) (McMorris)
  Broussard, Agnon O. 
  Broussard, Bob
  Brown, Bernita Jackson
  Brown, Birdie
  Brown, Carmen
  Brown, Charles O. 
  Brown, Donald Lloyd
  Brown, Eddie
  Brown, Edna (Zavala)


  Brown, Flora (Antelope Peak grave)
  Brown, Leon
  Brullo, Joan
  Bryant, Tori
9 Bucholz, Dr. Herman Carl
  Buckelew, Emmett
  Burch, Henry
  Burch, Paul
  Burdick, Dr. Philip and Henrietta
  Burke, Dennis A. 
  Burke, Frank Joseph
  Burke, Peter Frederick
  Burke, Ruth
  Burke, William Henry Harrison (“Paddy”)
  Burkitt, Burges (“Buck”) (film trick and stunt horse rider)
  Burnite, Jim
  Burns, Mike (Ho-Mo-Thy-Ah, Mohave)
  Burton, Matilda
  Buse, Isabel (Corey)
  Bush, Nellie T. (Parker, Ariz.)
  Bush, Joseph (Parker, Ariz.)
  Bustamente, Euesbia
  Buster, Jim
  Butieres Family
  Butler, Bill
  Butler, John Adams and Helen
  Butler, Mary (Adams)
  Byrd, Ersel
  Byrne, James F. 
  Byrne, Peter Francis and Alice (Greenleaf) Family
  Byrne, W. E. R. Jr. (“Peck”)
10 Caballlero, Alexander
  Cabrillo, Juan Rodriguez
  Cachora, Eleanore
  Cain, Gladys
  Cain, Dr. William C. 
  Callahan, Helen (McIntire)
  Callahan, Patricia Anne (Robinson)
  Callahan, Robert Darrell
  Callaway, Alla (Selson)
  Callaway, Sister Rose Gertrude
  Calvert, Doug
  Camarena, Moses
  Cameron, James
  Campbell, Jim



  Campbell, Joe
  Campbell, Peter R. (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Canales, Luz
  Canavy, J. W. 
  Cancio, Maria F. 
  Candler, Jonathan (musician)
  Cannell Jan (artist)
  Cannell, Dr. Robert
  Cano, David
  Cano, Delia (Marquez)
  Cano Family
  Cano, Phillip
  Canode, William (Ray)
  Cansler, Mary Helen (Haynes) (Gadsen)
  Cantrell, W. D. (Bill)
  Cantrell, Mack
  Cantu, Esteban
  Caporelli, Dr. Jill
  Capron, John
  Carabajal, Cruz and Alice
  Carbajal, Ignacio
  Card, Olive
  Cargill, Andrew Hays
  Carlon Family
  Carlisle, Otto L. 
  Carlisle, Rhey
  Carlson, Brian
11 Carpenter,Brian
  Carpenter, John Harry
  Carr, George-
  Carr, John Sterling
  Carr, Rosita (Brady) (Quechan)
  Carrera, Ramon (Raymond)
  Carroll, Jack and Sibyl
  Carruthers, Jim
  Carstens, Pete J. 
  Carter, George (“Dutch”)
  Carter, Fanny (Taylor)
  Carter, Joshua D. 
  Carvajal, Sara
  Cashman, Nellie
  Caruthers, Edward Gurley
  Caruthers, Sam
  Casares Family
  Case, Kitsey


  Casias, Silvester
  Cassel, Charles A. (“Dick”)
  Cassou, Angie B. 
  Castello, Nick
  Castenada, Jose Miguel
  Castillo, Cesar (San Luis)
  Castillo, Rosendo
  Castro, Jack and Maria
  Catching, J. P. (“Bill”) (film stunt man)
  Cates, Marge (artist)
  Caves, Jimmy (musician)
  Cawley, James
  Cawley, Mary
  Caylors, George F. 
  Cedillo, Frank and Robert
  Cedillo, Amanda (Silva)
  Celaya, Hilbert (“Hilbie”)
  Cely, William F.
  Cernik, Adele
  Cervantez, Ramona
12 Chambers, Clara
  Chambers, Mary Jane
  Chandler, William
  Chapman, Jerry
  Chapman, Paul Harding and Elva C. (Westfall)
  Chappell, James and Anne (Curry)
  Chappell, Robert Edward
  Chavez, Cesar
  Chavez, Cleovaro
  Chavez, Edward V. (artist)
  Chavez, Joaquin (“Jack”)
  Chavez, Joseph L. 
  Chavez, Juan
  Chavez, Maria E. 
  Chavez, Mary R. (North Gila Valley, Ariz.)
  Chavez, Nick
  Chavez, Rosa V. 
  Chavez, Richard
  Cheatham, Bill
  Cheney, Bernice L. 
  Cheney, Lillie
  Cherry, Edwin
  Chessum, Sharon
  Childes, Dr. George H. 
  Childs, Tom (b. 1832)


  Childs, Thomas (b 1870)
  Chilleen, Merilyn
  Chism, Verne
  Choules, Tom
  Chouvan, Tom
  Chretin Family
  Chretin, Joe
  Chretin, Juan and Elena Cerrana (Redondo)
13 Clapp, Claude Morris
  Clark, E. P. 
  Clark, Kenneth M. 
  Clark, Loma I. 
  Clark, Mae L. 
  Clark, Mary F. 
  Clark, S. W. 
  Clark, Tina
  Clark, William
  Clarke, Lauren
  Claus, Santa (Terry Randolph)
  Clayton, Bonnie
  Clemens, Maris Stella (musician)
  Clevenger, Annali
  Click, David E. 
  Cliff, Daisy
  Cline, Clara Bell
  Cloud, John Ben
  Cloud Family
  Cocopah, Joe (Cocopah)
  Coffeen, Kelley
  Close, Deane (Creamer)
  Cloyd, Mabel Lee
  Clymer, Francis P.  (“Frank”)
  Clymer, Dr. H. Vance and Ida
  Cobb, Charles
  Cody, William (“Buffalo Bill”)
  Coffeen, Elaine
  Coffeen, LaVena
  Coffeen, Phil
  Coffeen, William Albert
  Coffey, Bertha
  Colby, J. Val (Bard, Calif.)
  Colman, Henry F. (“Harry”)
  Cole, Frank
  Cole, Tom
  Coleman, Rev. James


  Collins, Bryan
  Collum, Arthur B. 
  Colville, Chris
  Colvin, Carlos F. and Nina
14   Conde, Dolores (“Late”) (Agua Caliente, Ariz.)
  Connor, Daniel
  Connor, Herbert H. Sr. 
  Connor Family
  Connors, George “Buck” (film trick and stunt horse rider Quartzsite, Ariz.)
  Conrey, Edward F. and Mary (Burton)
  Contreras, Edward
  Contreras Family
  Contreras, Francisco and Dolores (Lorona)
  Contreras, Jesus
  Contreras, Pete (musician)
  Converse, C. A. 
  Cook, Linda
  Cook, Mary Love
  Cook, Lori
  Cooper, Charles G. 
  Cooper, David F. 
  Cooper, Duahne W. 
  Cooper, Eunice I. 
  Cooper, Frank Norman and Pat
  Cooper, Harry
  Cooper, William D. (“Dan”)
  Cooper Family see McDaniel-Cooper Families
  Copp, Larry
  Copple, Glenn (1 of 2)
  Copple, Glenn (2 of 2)
  Copple, William P. 
  Corcoran, Bob (writer)
  Cordery, Don
  Corea, Simon
  Corey, Harold M. 
  Corey, Josiah Potter and Grace Cooper (Smith)
  Corliss, Dr. Philip G.
  Cornelius, Erin
  Cornelius, Greg
  Corona, Lala (Granio)
15 Corpe, Linda
  Corrall, Eleanor
  Corrigan, Anna (Hodges)
  Corrigan, Edward G. 


  Corson, Dr. Joseph Kirby
  Cortazar, Elitania Monjaraz (Somertonm, Ariz.)
  Cortez, Alfredo and Maria (de la Cruz)
  Cortez-Castaneda Family
  Cortez, Clyde A. 
  Costello Family
  Cotter, Dr. 
  Courtright, Morris (“Court”)
  Coutchie, Martha Alice (Thomas)
  Coutchie, Robert Leroy
  Couts, Cave Johnson (includes photocopy of his 1849 journal from San Diego to the Colorado River)
  Cowper, Victoria
  Cox, Emma Gene
  Cox, Joe
  Cox, Norwood
  Cox, Walter N. 
  Coz, Elfren G. (“Sonny”)
  Coz Family
  Crabb, Henry Alexander
  Crane, Edward L. Family
  Crane, George
  Cravens, Leslie Cyrus
  Cravens, Lillian
  Crouch, Rev. James
16 Crawford, Bob
  Crawford, George
  Crawford, Mary
  Crawford, Rachael
  Creasy, Delina
  Creswell, Frank W. 
  Croft, Cecil Jr. 
  Cromwell, Audrey (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Cronin, Cornelius P. (“Con”) and Lillian (Rood)
  Crosslin, Marvin T. 
  Crouse, Opal
  Crow, Dwight
  Crow, Hiram A. 
  Crow, Mack B. 
  Crowder, Kenneth Z. 
  Crowe, Jes T. 
  Crupper, Claire 
  Cruz Family
  Cruz, Gregoria (Solarez)
  Culling Charles C. 


  Culp, Curley
  Cuming, Albert
  Cuming Family (includes “My Yuma Valley Childhood 1914-1932” by Ruth Cuming Smith)
  Cuming, Richard III
  Cunningham, Alice
  Cunningham, Charles O. 
  Cunningham, R. H. 
  Curl, William W. 
  “Curley The Crow” (fraudulent Custer Battle survivor)
  Currie, Maria (Flohr)
  Curry Family
  Curtis, Anna L. 
  Curtis, Glen
  Curtis, Lee
  Cushing, Clifford Ralph
  Cutler, Charles R. 
  Cypert, John William and Mary Phoebe Adeline (James)
  Czajkowski, Henry (“Hank”) and Berniece
17 Dabbs, Willard E. 
  Dahlena (dancer)
  Daily, Jennifer
  Dallabetta Family
  Dallbetta, Tony
  Dallman, Vienna (“Vee”)
  Dana, James T. 
  Danforth, Evan
  Daniel, Ernest and Claudia (Sambrano)
  Daniel, Martina
  Daniel, Tom, b. 1916
  Daniel, Tom
  Daniels, Catherine Elizabeth
  Dannenberg, Natacha
  Davenport, Abby  (Vinson)
  Davenport, Susie (Mayfield)
  Davies, Gwen
  Davis, Andrew
  Davis, Bob
  Davis, Charlie
  Davis, Elizabeth (Pengilly)
  Davis, Georgia Magnolia
  Davis, Jody (musician)
  Davis, John (Cocopah) 
  Davis, Martha
  Davis, Mary Lou


  Davis, Tillman O. 
  Davis, Tom and Ellen (Lawshe)
  Day, Ted
  Dayton, Mrs. Marshall
  Dean, Elmer H. Family
  Dearing, Arthur H. 
  Deason, Frank 
  DeBerry, Ferris
  DeBerry, Gaynor
  DeBerry, Margaret
  DeCorse, Dr. Albert E. 
  DeCorse, Clarence (Quechan)
  DeCorse, Henry
  DeCorse, Katherine
  DeCorse, Joe
  DeCorse, Samuel Family
  DeHate, William and Sharon
  Dees, Alex
  Dees, Leroy
  Dees Family
  Del Toro, Arturo
  Delcid, Richard M. 
  Delgado, Joaquin Family
  Delico, Thomas F. 
  DeLintt, Alfredo
  DeLintt, Lucinda A. 
  DeLoach, Margaret
  DeLuce, Eliza (“Queen of Castle Dome”)
18 Demara, Gregoria (“Gay”)
  DeMeyer, Mary
  Denison, Beatrice (“Bea”)
  Denman, Robert
  Dent, George
  Denton, Clifford
  Denton, Walter J. 
  DePaquette, Helena (Kelly)
  DePuy, William
  Derby, George Horatio
  Derrrick, Anderson Bradford
  Despain, William C. 
  Dessert, Raymond B. Jr. and Libby Marie (Peach)
  DeVane Family
  Devine, Jim
  Dewhurst, James Vernon and Nancy Charlotte (Hall)
  Dewhurst, Geoffrey


  Dewey, Gerald V. (Quechan)
  Deyo, Jim
  Dial, Louise Clare
  Diaz, Melchior
  Diaz, Michelle
  Dick, Sam and Lela Family
  Dick, Sam II
  Dick, Sam III and Maxine (McCain)
  Dick, Sam IV
  Dick, T. A. 
  Dickes, Rosetta
  Dickinson, William H. and Jennie (Ottie)
  Dill, Brice T. 
  Dillman, Darren (writer)
  Dillman, Roy Stanley (musician)
  Dine, Charlie
  Dingess, L. C. (“Ding”) and Estelle (Pancrazi, Redondo)
  Dixon, Sam
  Doan, John and Anna (Murray) Family
  Doan, May (Cargill)
19 Dobbins, Marcus D. 
  Dobbs, Lou
  Dobson, Asil (“Ace”) and Wendy (Tacna, Ariz.)
  Dodd, Cathy
  Doebbler, William Edward Sr. (“Bill”) 
  Doherty, Patricia
  Doering, Laurie
  Doll, Peter
  Dominguez, Dionicio
  Dominguez, Anita
  Dominguez, Francisco
  Dorminguez, Norma Nell (Newman)
  Donkersey Family
  Donkersley, Harold
  Donkersley, Raymond B. (“Bud”)
  Donohoe, William Lawrence (“Larry”)
  Doolittle, Jimmy
  Doolittle, Purvis B (“Jack”)
  Dorrington, John Webster (and Ishram Reavis Family)
  Dorez, Homer
  Dorries, Henry Philip
  Dorsey, Stephen
  Doten, James
  Doten, John C. 
  Doten, John O. 


  Doten Family
  Doten, Hubert Alfred (“Chili”)
  Douglas, George H. 
  Douglas, Irvin and Maude
20 Dow, John
  Dow, W. Sumner
  Dowding, Gretchen M. 
  Downs, Kevin (writer)
  Downey Family
  Downey, George and Eliza A. (Romo) Family
  Downey, Mercedes (Wilson) (“Dona Mercedes”)
  Downing, James Arthur
  Downing, Myrtle
  Drachman, Sam
  Drapala, Pam (Carvajal)
  Dressing, E. H. 
  Drugge, Louise
  Drysdale, Kent Edward
  Drysdale, Ray
  Drysdale, Val (McCullough)
  Duarte, Josefina
  Dudley, Mr. 
  Duff, John
  Duffield, Milton
  Duke, George (d. 1909)
  Duke, George J. (d. 1968)
  Duke, Lucian H.
  Dunbar, Clarence C. 
  Dunbar, Joseph Bowen and Helen (Nallan) Family
  Duncan, James
  Duncan, Ransom J. 
  Dunn, Melody (singer)
  Dunne, Jack and Jean (Vivian)
  Dunne, William J. 
  Duran, Tony P. 
  Durham Family
  Durham, Motty
  Dusenbery, Jess 
  Dusenbery, Ralph
  Dutton, Judith and Dale
  Dutton, William T. 
  Duwe, Trevah
21 Earp, Bailey
  Earp, Wyatt
  Easterday, Ken


  Eastwood, Dolores (Vance)
  Esterbrook, David
  Eastlick, John
  Eaton, Bob
  Eberhardt, Lauren (musician)
  Eby, Robert Thomas (“E.T”.)
  Echavarri, Antonia
  Echols, Lee
  Eddings, Patsie
  Eddings, Vurg
  Eddy, Arthur J. 
  Edwards, Charles
  Edwards, Desda W. 
  Edwards, George C. 
  Eger, Bob
  Eger, Emil
  Eger, Emil C. 
  Ehrenberg, Herman
  Ehrlich, Mary
  Eichelberger, Charles 
  Eichelberger, Edward
  Eiden, Albert Henry
  Eisenmann, Sally
22 Elg, Mike
  Elkins, Daniel Powell
  Elkins, Powell
  Elias, A. C. 
  Elias Family
  Elias, Joe
  Ellington, Perry
  Elliott, F. E. 
  Elliot, Harold Leaumont
  Elliott, Marion and Harold (artist)
  Elliott, W. H. 
  Elrod, Kim
  Elvoid, Thelma
  Emmanuel, Evelyn (artist)
  Embry, Steven (musician, artist)
  Embry, T. 
  Emerson, Lee (Quechan)
  Emmons, Charles
  Emory, William Hemsley
  Enderton, William Herbert and Olive May (Wise)
  English, Harry
  Epley, Erin


  Erickson, Harry
  Erwin, Susan Lyle
  Escalanti, Charles
  Escalanti, Doyle
  Escalanti, Patricia
  Esmeier, Bill
  Espinoza, Carlos Neto
  Espinosa, Henry
  Espinoza, Josefita
  Espinoza, Rudy (musician)
  Erspamer, Kathryn
  Esquivel, Rosalinda
  Essig, Bill and Margaret
  Estel, Joe
  Estevan (1530’s explorer)
  Estrella, Herminia
  Evans, Don
  Evans, J. W. 
  Evans, Louisa
  Evans, Margurite Marie
  Evans, Susan
  Evaro, Alfonso (“Gene”) (musician)
  Evaro Family
  Evaro, Henry B. (“Lopez The Bandit”) (boxer)
  Everett, Arthur
  Ewing, Anne Margaret
  Ewing, Frank L. Family

Ewing, James and Dalpha Family

(Buckelew, Contreras, Costellos, Carrillio, Goodwin Families)

  Ewing, John T. and Mattotie (Smith)
  Eytinge, Louis (con man)
23 Fain, William B. 
  Faison, John E. 
  Farmer, Hugo
  Farnam, Martha Osborne
  Farrar, Linda (Cannon) (dancer)
  Fass, Gloria
  Faulk, Odie
  Faulkner, C. A. 
  Faulkner, Dorothy
  Faulkner, Grace
  Fausett, John
  Fawley, Maly
  Fay, Ellis M. and Jane Page (Stevens)


  Fay, John
  Faz, Leopold
  Faz, Rose (Dopten)
  Feeney, Sister Yvonne O. P. 
  Feitz, Leland
  Fenzel, George and Dorothy
  Ferguson, Clayton James and Hattie Peirce (Arnold0
  Ferguson, Frank
  Ferguson, Frank Sr. and Emiline F. (Merrifield) Family
  Ferguson, George F. (Tex)
  Feriend, Carmen (Setzler)
  Ferra, Juan
  Ferrara, Jimmy (film actor)
24 Figari, Carlos
  Figueroa, Amalia
  Figueroa, Delores (Redondo)
  Figueroa Family
  Figueroa, Paul (Rev. Father) (includes photocopy of his 1917 history of Yuma manuscript)
  Fillman, Robert Thomas
  Finfrock, Dennis
  Finlay, Andrew Julius
  Finn, Julius
  Fishbaugh, Alice
  Fisher, Don
  Fisher, Jesse
  Fisher, Mabel Ann
  Fischer, Matt
  Fisher, Jon
  Fisher, Sandy
  Fisher, Suella 
  Fisk, Floyd LeRoy
  Fitzgerald, Ely
  Fitzgerald, Henry S. 
  Fitzgerald, Minnie
  Fleming, John C. and Winnie Lee
  Fletcher, George
  Fletcher, Iva
  Fletcher, Marie Jewell
  Flint, Mark (musician)
  Fleming, Nils
  Flood, Myrtle
  Flood, Stephen H. and Ruth (Cramer) (Bard, Calif.)
  Flores, Gina (musician)
  Flower, W. T. 


25 Foerstner, Harold C. 
  Foerstner, May Clarke
  Fojtik, Paul
  Folly, Norma
  Forrest, Dorothy
  Forrest, Nina
  Forman, Marcell F. 
  Forman, Mary
  Fornoni, Aldo (“Aldo da Milano,” WW II Italian POW and artist)
  Foster, Earl W. (WW I correspondence)
  Foster Family
  Foster, Ruth
  Foster, Theodore (ferryman)
26 Fourr, William
  Fowler, Calvin Warren
  Fowler, Ina Power
  Fowler, Rod (artist)
  Fowler, Robert (pioneer aviator)
  Fox Family
  Francis, Billie
  Frank, Abram (“Abe”)
  Frank, Lizzie
  Franck, Michael L. 
  Franklin, Bess
  Franklin, Dennis
  Franklin, John (“Catfish”)
  Frassinelli, Saturnina
  Frauenfelder, Dr. Dick
  Frauenfelder, Henry and Elizabeth (Lott)
  Frauenfelder Family see Lott-Frauenfelder Family
  Fredley, Fred
  Freeman, Earl A. (“The Marrying Justice”)
  Freeman, Muriel
  Fregia, James Bailey
  Fremont, John Charles
  French, Margaret
  Friends, Nancy
  Frith, Jean Ellen (Smith)
  Frith, Robert Louis
  Fritz, Jewell Adell
  Frye, Flora
  Fugate, Lacey
  Fuqua, James G. (Parker, Ariz.)
  Fuquay, Eliza (Molina) 
  Fuquay, Jim


27 Gaboury, John
  Gage, Ron
  Gaines, David
  Gallardo, Magdalina
  Gamble, Len
  Gamble, Ollie
  Gandolfo, Esther
  Gandolfo, Frank
  Gandolfo, John and Beatrice (Imperial) Family
  Gann, Pearl
  Gann, Herman D.
  Gapp, Jeff
  Garces, Father Francisco Tomas
  Garcia, Cesar Anibal
  Garcia, Erik R. 
  Garcia, Lewis
  Garcia, Maria
  Garcia, Nikolosa 
  Garcia, Raymond V. 
  Gardner, Gregory L. 
  Garfias, Henry
  Garner, Robert
  Garrett, Maureen
  Garrison, George
  Garlit, Myra
  Gary, Henry
  Garvin, Torrey
  Garza, Alicia
  Gaskin, George G. 
  Gates, Thomas
  Gatley, George
  Geis, Margaret
  Geis Family
  Genung, Charlie and Ida (Smith)
  George, Frank 
  George, Morgene
  George, Reuben and Dorothy (Waddell)
  George, Robert Houston and Margaret Jane (Miller) Family
  Gerard, Laura
28 Gering, Dick
  Geyer, Richard S. 
  Ghiotto, Emilia
  Ghiotto, John
  Gibson, Griffin V. (“Dan”)
  Gibson, Dr. J. F. (Somerton, Ariz.)


  Gietzen, Barbara Joyce
  Gifford, James A. 
  Gift, Lucille May
  Gill, Joaquin Sr. 
  Gillaspie, Jim
  Gillespie, Samuel S. 
  Gillett, William F. 
  Gilley, Nancy
  Gilliland, Beatrice S. 
  Gilliland, Richard P. 
  Gillespie, Samuel S. 
  Gilmer, Billy
  Gilpin, Charles S. 
  Gilpin, Clayton
  Giron, Lenore
  Giss, Gerry
  Giss, Harold C. 
  Giss, Maurice M.
  Gist, Leola and Roger (Winterhaven, Calif.)
  Gittins, Rick
  Giusti, Thomas P. and Laura (Breech)
  Glanton, John (includes 1850 Lincoln-Glanton Massacre)
  Glass, Virgil
  Gloria, Evelyn (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Glover, Olyer B. Jr. 
  Godfrey, Agnes (Polhamus)
  Godfrey, Arthur and Matilda (Daniel)
  Godfrey, Isaac P. 
  Godfrey, Joseph H. 
  Godfrey, Mary Ramona (Martinez)
29 Goekler, Rob
  Gogte, Dr. Sudheer
  Goldwater, Barry M. 
  Goldwater Family
  Godley, Gloria
  Goldberg, Mel (writer)
  Goldsmith, Harry
  Gomez, George and Angelina
  Gong, Henry
  Gonzales, Arthur and Mary (Avila)
  Gonzales, Felipe
  Gonzales, Julian
  Gonzales, Juan
  Gonzales, Lionicia
  Gonzales, Ramon M. 


  Gonzales, Teodora
  Goodwin Family
  Goodwin, Louis V. 
  Gordon, Dr. Harold 
  Gordon, Laura Smith
  Gordon, James Hazen
  Gordon, Ruth
  Gordon- Roach, Janet
  Gonzales, Luz
  Gorman, Joseph
  Gosper, John J. 
  Gottsponer, Betsy (Frith)
  Gottsponer, Jeane
  Gradias, Louie (Gadsden, Ariz.)
  Gradillas, Arthur T. 
  Gragnon, P. C.  
  Gragnon, Horton and Thomas 
  Graham, A. E. (“Bud”) (Parker, Ariz.)
  Graham, Elmo
  Grant, Daniel (Citrus Grower)
  Grant, Emeline
  Graubart, Catherine Earnest
  Gray, Andrew Belcher
  Gray, Mrs Byron
  Gray, Clarence
  Gray, John W. and Flora
  Gray, Virgel H. 
30 Green, Howard C. 
  Green, William and Jesusa Family
  Greenleaf, Mel and Clara Belle Family
  Greenway, Isabella
  Greer, Andrew Y. and Family
  Greer, Gary and Janice (Farley)
  Gregory, Ida (Meadows)
  Gregston, Glen
  Griffin, Jimmy (musician)
  Griffin, Sandy
  Griffith, Jayme Autrey (dancer)
  Griffith, William A. 
  Griffith, William M. 
  Grigg, Ken
  Grijalva Family
  Grijalva, Juan
  Grinnell, Henry M.
  Gross, Alex


  Grove, Russ
  Guenther, Herb
  Gutierrez, Bessie
  Gutherie, Laura V. (Hughes)
  Gutierrez, Antonio C. 
  Gutierrez, Bessie
  Guyman, Earl Samuel and Ethel
  Guzman, Paco and Martin
  Gwynn, Rosemarie (Sanguinetti)
  Gwynn, Howard Ross Jr. 
  Gwynn, Howard III
31 Hackett, Archie Wheeler
  Hackett, Maurice J. 
  Hadnot, Lewis Ellis and Sarah (Wilson) (Wellton, Ariz.)
  Haffey Family
  Hageley, George (Quartzite, Ariz.)
  Hahnefeld, Pauline
  Haile, Homer
  Haile-Fritz, Mary Barber (York)
  Haile-Venable, Ann
  Haines, Jack
  Haley, Earnest
  Hall, Audry
  Hall, Drewie A. 
  Hall, Earl C. 
  Hall, Evelyn (musician)
  Halloran, John
  Halstead, Richard
  Ham, Benjamin Cox
  Ham, Charlie (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Ham Family
  Ham, George
  Ham, Gwyneth
  Ham, John F. 
  Hamm, Earl C. 
  Hamblen, Sealy
  Hamilton, Rod
  Hamilton, Sarah
  Hamley, Linda
  Hammer, Angela (Hutchinson)
  Hammond, Martha
  Hamner, B. A. (“Tony”)
  Hampton, Peggy
  Hancock, J. Leo (Ehrenberg, Ariz.)


  Hanlon, Hall
  Hanrath, Alton
  Hansberger, Delia 
  Hansberger, Edwin Jr. (organist musician)
  Hansberger, Edwin Sr. 
  Hansberger, Joseph
  Hansberger Family
  Hansen, Bill
  Haaraszathy, Bela
  Harbon, William (“Bronco Bill”)
  Harden, Vincent Don
  Harding, Blanche S. 
  Hardwick, Mr. 
  Hardisty, Mary Lou (Bower)
  Hardt Family
  Hardy, Bob (“Captain Almost” TV children’s entertainer)
  Hardy, Betty Jean
  Hardy, C. B. Sr. Family
  Hardy, Frances
  Hardy, George A. 
  Hardy, Maudie
  Hardy, Tim
  Hardy, William Harrison
  Hargis, B. Newton
  Hargreaves, Pat
  Harp, Earl
  Harper, Ivan
  Harper, Ronald David
  Harr, Robert 
  Harrell, Charles
  Harris, Alion
  Harris, Billy
  Harris, Emma J.
  Harris, Lucille Arnold
  Harris, Tom
  Harris, Virginia
  Harrison, Maude M. 
32 Hart, Dora
  Hart, Emma
  Hart, Leslie
  Hart, Pearl 
  Hart, Thomas
  Hartlee, Benjamin F.
  Hartley, Ben
  Hartley, Family


  Hartley, James W. (“Jim”)
  Hartman, Frank
  Hartshorne, Benjamin Minturn
  Hart, Harry James                              
  Hastings, Lanceford W. (Donner Party)
  Hatch, Robert S. (“Bob”)
  Hatfield, Myrtle
  Haugen, Doris and Bud
  Haught, William H. 
  Haughtelin, Dean
  Haughtelin, Kathryn (Gosh)
  Haughtelin, Lucile
  Haugo, Dr. Cherly and Mark John
  Haviland, John J. 
  Havins, Mildred
  Havlick,, Joseph
  Hawkey, Chrisina
  Haws, David
  Hawthorne, Julian
  Hayden, Carl T. 
  Hayes, A. W. 
  Hayes, Ed. 
  Hayes, Ira (Pima WWII Marine hero at Iwo Jima)
  Haynes, John (“Jack”) Hunter and Helen (Wheeler) Family
  Haynes, Hanna
  Headington, Agnes Celia
  Headington, Machele
  Heber, Larry
  Hedlin, June (child film actor)
  Heebink, Paul Robert
  Hefner Family
  Heileman, Bert
33 Heintzelman, Samuel Peter
  Heintzelman, Samuel Peter (Transcribed Diary, Fort Yuma, JanuaryMarch, 1851)
  Heintzelman, Samuel Peter (Transcribed Diary, Fort Yuma, April-June, 1851)
  Heintzelman, Samuel Peter (Transcribed Diary, Fort Yuma, SeptemberDecember,1851)
  Hellings, W. B. 
  Helm, Bill L. 
  Henderson, Randall
  Henderson, Siebert H. (“Bud”)
  Henderson, Vera
  Hendrickson, Jim


  Hengl, Virgil
  Henry, Joseph R.
  Hensyel, Grace and LeRoy
  Hepburn, Harry H. and Anita Lenore (Giron)
  Hernandez, Alejandra
  Hernandex, Frances (Uribe)
  Hernandez, Geraldine
  Hernandez, Gilbert (“Choreezo”)
  Hernandez, Maria
  Hernandez, Petra
  Herrera, John Putarko and Mary Thomasa (McMorris) Family
  Herrera, John Vidal and Dolores (Stanley)
  Herrera, Juan
  Herrera, Mary Jesse
  Herrera, Mary T. 
  Herrera, Paulo and Macaria (Palomares)
  Hess, Harriet
  Hess, John
  Hewitt, Dr. Henry Stuart
  Hey, Connie
  Heyl, Ben G. 
  Hi Jolly (Hadji Ali)
  Hibbard, Lester (“Zeak”) and Viola (Wellton, Ariz.)
  Hibbard, Mose
  Hice, Blake
  Hickey, Joseph L. 
  Hicks, Lewis A. 
  Hicks, Lois
  Hicks, Susan (Keller)
  Hicks, William
  Hickson, Cary L. and J. C. (photographers)
  Hieb, Lee Deakins
  Higgins, Bill
  Higgins, Joe
  Higgins, Katherine
  Hightower, Joseph
  Hightower, Horace A. 
  Hightower, Leroy
34 Higuera, Clara (McClish)
  Higuera, Delores
  Higuera Family
  Higuera, James and Rose (Preciado)
  Higuera, Joe
  Hill, Iris (Robertson)
  Hill, Jacquith


  Hill, Julia Laverne
  Hill, Kathryn
  Hill, Marion and Melcena Family
  Hill – Olsen, Kim
  Hill, Ruth (Quechan)
  Hill, Violet (Nichols) (Colorado River ferry reminiscence)
  Hill, Wesley
  Hillbink, Jim
  Hills, Maulk (Quechan)
  Hilton, Jennie
  Hilton, John W. (artist)
  Hindle, Mary C. 
  Hinners, Gwendolyn (Luster)
  Hinricks, Warren
  Hinshaw, D. Z. 
  Hinton, Francis (Jack)
  Hinton, Virginia Lee (Austin)
  Hirales, Frank P. 
  Hirth, Louie
  Hitchcock, Gillat and Pearl (Hoffman) Family
  Hobart, Frank 
  Hobart, Lucy
  Hobart, Miriam
  Hobbs, Edna
  Hobbs, Nannie May
  Hocker, Rhonda
  Hodges, Edna
  Hodges, Edward Darling Sr. 
  Hodges, Francis Marion and Francisca (Ferra) Family
  Hodges, Frank M. (d.1926)
  Hodges, Frank M. (d.1970)
  Hodges Family
  Hodges, Frederick B. 
  Hodges, Isaac Polhamus (“Buster”)
  Hodges, James Thompson and Mary (Killeen)
  Hodges, Patrick (“P.K”)
  Hodges, Robert V. 
  Hodges, Teresa Ochoa (Ruby)
  Hodges, William S. (d.1910)
  Hodges, William S. (“Bill”) (d.1991)
  Hofer, George
  Hoffman, Jean
  Hoffmeyer, Fred and Carolyn
  Hogan, Alec (“Uncle”)
  Holbrook, Gardiner L. 


35 Holliday, Betty (Correspondence, 1900-1939)
  Holliday, Betty (Correspondence, 1940-1943)
  Holliday, Betty (Correspondence, 1943-1945)
  Holliday, Betty (Correspondence, 1946-1949)
  Holliday, Betty (Correspondence, 1950-1977)
35A Holliday, Betty (Correspondence, 1977-1986)
  Holliday, Betty (Correspondence from sister Madeline, 1914-1926)
  Holliday, Betty (Correspondence from sister Madeline, 1927-1962)
  Holliday, Betty (draft of autobiography, c. 1967)
  Holliday, Betty (photos, 1928-1975)
  Holling, Anna (Durr, Hansberger)
  Holling, Eggert and Ethel Mary (Johnson)
  Holmes, Mrs. Frank
  Holmes, George
  Holmes, Katherine
  Holmes, Kenneth
  Holmes, Patricia
  Holt, Violet
35B Homer, Nellie Scott (Quechan)
  Honaker, Nettie
  Hong, Kenyon S. 
  Hood, Butch
  Hooker, Henry Clay
  Hooker, Jack D. 
  Hooker, Matthew S. 
  Hookstra, Glenn
  Hooper, George F. 
  Holmes, George I. and Alta Sue
  Hooper, William Burchell
  Hoover, Cora (Maupin)
  Hopkins, Hallie (Bost)
  Hopkins, Mariel
  Hoppstetter, John Sr. 
  Horan, Billie and Gertrude (Picacho, Calif.) 
  Horn, Bessie
  Horn, William
  Horner, Christopher
  Hossler, David
  Hotchkiss, Ada C. 
  Houg Family
  Houlgate, Olga
  Hounshell, Jeanne (writer)
  Houston, Jennifer
  Houts, Sarah E. 
  Hovatter, Edith


  Hovren, Louis and Mabel
  Howard, Gila (first white child born in Arizona)
  Howard, Jim
  Howe, Marc C. 
  Howell, John R. 
  Hower, Bertha H. 
  Howerton, Patsy
  Hoyt, Bertha
36 Huber, John
  Hubbard, Edward L 
  Hubby, Homer
  Huck, Mary (Cocopah)
  Huckaby, C. W. 
  Hudgens, Bill and Ella
  Hudson, Helen (“Jiggers”)
  Huerta, Estevan C. 
  Huff, Capri
  Huffman, Emma
  Huffman, Family
  Hughes, Fred (Wellton, Ariz.)
  Hughes, Herbert 
  Hughes, Laura and Bertha Faye
  Hughes, Myrna (artist)
  Hughes, Olin E. 
  Hughes, Robert (“Whitey”) (film stuntman)
  Hughes, Thomas
  Huling, Cecil 
  Humphers, Henry (murder of Matias Moes)
  Humphrey, Fay
  Humphries, Juliet L. 
  Hunt, George W. P. 
  Hunter, J. C. 
  Hurling, Mike and Edna (Pollard) Family
  Hurtado, Severo 
  Huson, Willis Oren (“William”)
  Hutcheson, Bambi
  Hutchins, Paul
  Hyde, Novelene (Elliott)
37 Iaeger, (Jaeger, Iager, Yaeger) Lewis John Frederick (“Don Diego”)
  Iaeger, Lewis John Frederick Jr. 
  Imperial, Alberto Family
  Imperial, Ramon and Antonia (Zapedo) Family
  Inda, Jamie (singer)
  Ingalls, Charles B. 
  Ingalls, Frank S. 


  Ingalls, Harry 
  Ingalls, Madora
  Ingalls, Rufus
  Ingalls, Walter S. (” Cap”)
  Ingham, C. W. 
  Ingham, Donald 
  Ingraham, Fred L. and Inez
  Ingram, John
  Irick, Linda
  Irr, David Joseph
  Irwin, Michael
  Irwin, Dr. Ralph
  Iverson, Jule (tuberculosis patient 1904)
  Ives, Eugene
  Ivey, Tony and Bertha
38 Jackson, Edmond Jr. (Quechan)
  Jackson, Ethlin (Hufford)
  Jackson, Henry Tyler
  Jacobs, May & Leon
  Jaeger, Lewis John Frederick see Iaeger, Lewis John Frederick
  Jaeger, Leland (Quechan film actor)
  Jahnke, Shirley
  Janney, Gerald (“Jerry”)
  Jaramillo, Christine V. 
  Jaramillo, Gene (musician)
  Jefferson, James Earl and Pearl
  Jefferson, Lewis (Quechan singer
  Jefferson, Ray (Quechan)
  Jeffreys, Floyd
  Jeffreys, Sidney
  Jennings, Johnie Henry (woodcarver artist)
  Jennings, Sarah
  Jennings, Thad
  Jennison, Pearl
  Jesse, Ron 
  Jessen, Jon and Caroline
  Jessup, Sharon
  Jett, Bill (woodcarver artist)
  Jezewski, George (Holocaust survivor)
  Jim, Jessie (Cocopah)
  Jim, Sarah (Quechan)
  Jim, Slim (Cocopah)
  Joaquin, Jim
  Johansen, Johan
  Johannsen, Ernest M. and Amelia


  Johannsen, Pauline
  Johnson, A. W. (“Bill”)
  Johnson, Alfred Ernest and Margaret (Ridenour) Family
  Johnson, Boma and Mary Alberta (Carpenter)
  Johnson, Dave and Arla (Phillips)_
  Johnson, C. A. (“Charlie”)
  Johnson, Charles Granville (photographer)
  Johnson, Ed. A. 
  Johnson, Eleanor (Dickson)
  Johnson, Frank
  Johnson, Frank Robert and Ruth Alice (Ferguson) Family (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Johnson, George Alanzo (2 folders)
  Johnson, Harry
  Johnson, Harry C. and Jennie (Ketcherside) Family
  Johnson, Harvey
  Johnson, Howard
  Johnson, Ida B. (Brown)
  Johnson, Jacquelyn (Olympian athlete)
  Johnson, John W.
  Johnson, Lincoln (Quechan)
  Johnson, Liz (writer)
  Johnson, Matilda
  Johnson, Neil
  Johnson, Nels H. 
  Johnson, Omar
  Johnson, Orrin Clyde
  Johnson, Richard
  Johnson, Robert Wayne
  Johnson, Sam (Quechan)
  Johnson, Sophie
  Johnson, Sudie
  Johnson, Ted, Jeff and Buster
  Johnson, William Judson
  Johnston, Elizabeth Zilpah
40 Jondahl, Gerald (“Jerry”)
  Jones, Arnold (“A. J.”)
  Jones, Esther
  Jones, Fred
  Jones, James
  Jones, James Dell
  Jones, Janet (musician)
  Jones, Jim (musician)
  Jones, John Watson and Ylaria (Armenta) Family
  Jones, Jonathan Christopher


  Jones, Leonard Family
  Jones, Reg
  Jones, Richard R. 
  Jones, Robert (jockey)
  Jones, Roosevelt
  Jones, Russell
  Jones, Dr. Wilson and Arcadia (Montano)
  Jones, Tyrone
  Jongeward, John (“Howard’)
  Jongeward, Woody
  Jouvenceau, Rev. Father (Antonio or Francisco)
  Jordan, Thomas F. and Ellen C. (Wilder) Family
  Jordan Family
  Joyner, James Earl
  Judd, Winnie Ruth
  Jung, Frances
  Junken, Ernie
  Jutkins, Ray (“Rocket”) (Roll, Ariz.)
41 Kaffer, Mary
  Kammann, Leslie (“Todd”)
  Kammann, Walt
  Kane, Dr. Carl
  Keane, Arnold L. 
  Keck, Augustus F. T.  IV
  Keddie, Doug
  Keegan, Francis
  Keeling, Matthew
  Keen, Andrew Jackson
  Keene, Curtis and Vera Clymer
  Kehl, Ernest G and Katherine (Snyder)
  Kehl, Susan
  Kelley, Arthur Noel
  Kelley, Robert
  Kelly, Daniel James  (“Apache Jack”)
  Kelly, Eugene A. 
  Kelly, Henry C. 
  Kelly, Nanette (Smith)
  Kelly, Patty (Dateland, Ariz.)
  Kelly, Samuel L. 
  Kempton, Ruby
  Kennedy, Cora (Taylor) and Rufus
  Kenny, Elain
  Kent, A. H. 
  Kent, Jennie 
  Kenworthy, Larry


  Kenyon, Charles H. 
  Kerekes, William Elmer
  Keriozolas, Nick
  Kern, Erica (fashion model)
  Ketcherside, Dr. Enoch B. 
  Ketcherside, Dr. Hilary D. 
  Ketcherside, Dr. Paul
  Kieser, Robert
  Kilkenny, Thomas Raymond and Elizabeth (Dunn)
  Killabrew, Earl 
  Killbride, John and Guadalupe Family
  Killman, Laura (Worthinton)
  Kimball, Dr. A. P.
  Kimmell, Robert H. 
  Kindle, Ellis
  King, Al
  King, Cortni (artist)
  King, David
  King, Fern John
  King, Frank and Sam
  King, Martha
  King, R. C. (“Dick”)
  King, William (Chinese)
  Kino, Father Eusebio Francisco
  Kinser, Dan 
  Kirk, Bruce
  Kirkland, William H. 
42 Klein, Millie
  Kline, Addie (Ingalls)
  Kline, Dr. Nathan Daniel (Wellton, Ariz.)
  Knapp, J. Fletcher
  Knepper, Herbert G. 
  Knight, Elizabeth
  Knight, Harry S. (cowboy and Buffalo Bill Wild West Show entertainer)
  Knoll, Jack (photographer)
  Knott, Joseph L. 
  Knotts, Dr. Roy R. 
  Knowlton, Danelle
  Knowlton, Robert Valentine “Smokey”
  Knox, Gary
  Kobusch, Geraldeen Marie (Swanson)
  Koen, Lila (Godfrey)
  Koon, Jesse S. and Bonnie Thelma (Harris)
  Krackenberger, John 


  (Quartzsite, Ariz.)
  Krahl, Mira 
  Kraufe, Jerry (artist)
  Kreager, Henry Antone and Mary (Wolter) Family (Oatman Flats, Ariz.)
  Kreger, Roy
  Kretzer, Jack
  Krishna, Dr. Ram
  Krueger, Cora Louise 
  Krull, Elmer Clarence (“Slim”)
  Kryger, Clarence and Janie (George)
  Kryger, Homer L. and Syble
  Kryger, William A. 
  Kubiak, Walter John (Wally)
  Kuehn, Fred V. (Quartzsite, Ariz.)
  Kurzynski, Stanley
  Kunes, Michael (musician)
  Kyle, Jimmie M. 
  Kypros, George
  Kyriakides, Annette
43 LaBatt, William Henry and Emma (Jenkins) Family
  Lacy, William C. 
  LaChapelle, Ken (artist)
  Ladd, Doug (woodcarver artist)
  Lagos, Laura
  Lagunas, Annette
  Lambert, Henry
  Lanahan, Anna Nora (Kinney)
  Landrews, David Lee
  Lane, Linda
  Laney, Richard Pell Hunt and Nina (Daggett) Family
  Laney, Victor, Enos
  Lange, August B. and Alice (Curren)
  Langtry, Lillie
  LaPlante, Esperanza (Agua Caliente and Hyder, Ariz.)
  Larkin, Judge
  Larkins Family
  Larrick, Bea and Don
  Lash, Richard and Carol
  Laurel, Stan (Hollywood actor)
  Laurutus, Charles 
  Law, Stephen (writer)
  Lawler, E. G.. (“Eb”)
  Lazarras, Frances
  Leavitt, Jennie (Hyder, Ariz.)


  Lee, Bill (Yuma pseudonym of bigamist Hutton Bellah)
  Lee, Curtis
  Lee, Jewell Eugene
  Lee, Marshall (“Elwood”)
  Lee, Robert Ervin (b.1870) and Fannie Cora (Owen)
  Lee, Robert Ervin Jr. (b 1905) and Rose (Murphy)
  Lee, Ira and Ethel
  Leib, Dr. Charles
  Leidenderker, Anne
  Leidenderker, Frank E. 
  Lemaire, Kerstin
  Lemke, L. A. (“Bud”) and Justine
  Lemme, Angelo
  Lenon, Harry W. 
  Lenon, Robert (includes reminiscence “It Seems Like Only Yesterday: Mining and Mapping in Arizona’s First Century”)
  Leon, Jesus Maria
  Leroy, Louis (artist)
  Leuci, Josie
  Levias – Lopez Family
  Levy, Barbara (Quechan artist and storyteller)
  Levy, Henry
  Levy, Isaac Family (includes “Isaac Levy: His Family and Friends by Ben Levy”)
  Levy, Marie (Quechan)
  Lew, Man 
  Lewis, Hobe
  Lewis, Jerry R. 
  Lewis, John Stanley
  Lewis, Judy
  Lewis, Mamie
  Lewis, Mary Ann (Buchanan, Meeden, Pickenbach) (Quechan)
44 Licon, Catlina
  Lightfoot, Theresa (Johnson)
  Lillard, Paul Thomas (writer-poet) (Tacna, Ariz.)
  Lilly, Bill
  Limon, Jose
  Lincoln, Abel (includes information on Glanton Masscre)
  Lincoln, Abraham
  Lincoln Family (“Our Kin Descendants of Joshua Lincoln and Elizabeth Seekins Lincoln of Taunton, Massachusetts” compiled by William Simpson Lincoln
  Lindeman, C. A. 
  Linder, Carrie
  Linder, William B. 


  Lindsey, George
  Lindsey, Horace
  Lines Family
  Lipscomb, Paul Julian
  Listiak, Loren
  Livingston, Alice (Quartzsite, Ariz.)
  Livingston, C. A. 
  Livingston, Gus and Rose (Graham) (Alderson)
  Livingston, Richard  (“Curley”)
  Lizarraga, Alfredo
  Lobeck, Phil
  Lobeck, Wendy (singer)
  Lochaby, Charrison (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Lockwood, Fred C. 
  Loh, Irene (Choy Leng)
  Lohrenz, Jana
  Lomeli, Calextro
  Long, Cecil
  Long, Hayward 
  Long, Ida
  Long, Katherine (Willweber)
  Long, Joe
  Long, Ruth M. 
  Loo, Edward (Loo Wey Ham)
  Loo, Richard
  Loosier, Myda M. 
  Lopez, Angelita (Hernandez)
  Lopez, Jennifer
  Lopez, Juan L. 
  Lopez, Santiago and Melquiadas (Martinez)
  Lorance, Arthur
  Lorang, James H. (Wenden, Ariz.)
  Lorang, Louis
  Lord, Billie Jean (musician)
  Lord, Cushing
  Lorette, Antonio
  Loroña, Charles
  Loroña, Guadelupe (Armenta)
  Loroña, Finoclade Armenta (“Vince”)
  Loroña, Henry
  Lorona, Herminia (Solomon)
  Loroña, Isador (Isidro) Family
  Loroña, Ysidro Family
  Loroña, Mary Redondo
  Loroña, (Loronio)Rafael 


  Lott-Frauenfelder Families
  Lott, McKinley
  Love, Daren (musician)
  Love, Francis E. (“Frank”)
  Love, Randy
  Lucas, Frances
  Ludy, Jacob E. 
  Lugo, Edward H. (“Eddie”)
  Lugo, Jose
  Lumley, Edward (Kenyon Station murder)
  Lund, Nick
  Lutes, Mary (“Georgia”) E. (Rogers)
  Lutes, R. H. 
  Luthra, Drs. Chaman and Adarsh
  Lyall Family
  Lynch, Jess James
  Lynch, William E. 
  Lyons, Isaac and Marcella (Zyera)
45 Maas, Jason
  Mabbett, Ira
  Mabery, Howard J. 
  Mabery, Lloyd
  Mabery, Millard Franklin
  Mabrey, Opal Smith
  Macazan, Eugene

Macliz (Maclis) Family

(includes MacLish, Nunez, Quintero, Rico and Romo Families)

  Madril, Concepcion (Bedova) (b.1880)
  Madrill, Conception (Chonita) (b.1908)
  Maehling, Doyne M. 
  Magana, Emilia
  Magdaleno, Doria
  Magdaleno, Mario and Lorrie
  Magee, Elizabeth & Donald
  Mainville, James Paul (artist)
  Malone, Cherie
  Manchado, Joe
  Manes, Bill M. 
  Manes, Margaret
  Manes, Patricia (Hopkins)
  Manifold, Frank S. and Pearl (Sharpensteen)
  Mann, Bennie H. 
  Mann, Helen Jones (WWII Japanese Prisoner of War) 
  Mannassee, Hyman (La Paz, Ariz.)
  Mansfield, Joe


  Marable, Elmer M. 
  Marable, Ethel L. 
  Marable, George S. and Anabelle (Sexsmith)
  Marable, Hunter
  Marable, Dr. John Richard W. 
  Marable, Leslie E. 
  Marable, Richard Hamilton
  Marable, Richard Pointer and Ellen Francis (Bateman) Family
  Marable Family
46 Marcos de Niza, Fray
  Marcus, Abe
  Marquardt, Florentina
  Marquette, Jesse
  Marquez, Alyssa (dancer)
  Marquez, Jesus
  Marsh, Dick (artist)
  Marsh, Guy Alton (Parker, Ariz.)
  Martin, Dr. A. C. and Louise (Evans)
  Martin, Aneil
  Martin, Charles Herbert and Emma Agnes (Reed) Family
  Martin, George and Delphina (Redondo) Family
  Martin, Bill
  Martin, Ed
  Martin, John and Sadie
  Martin, Peggy
  Martin, Rodney
  Martin, Ron
  Martin, Ronald A. 
  Martin, Sadie E. 
  Martinez, Amparo (Bedoya)
  Martinez, Armand G. 
  Martinez, Bruno B. and Maria (Cunegunda de Garcia) Family
  Martinez, Cassilda (Iaeger)
  Martinez, Conception Jaeger (Iaeger)
  Martinez, Erasma (Munoz)
  Martinez, Erlinda
  Martinez, Guadalupe
  Martinez, Julian
  Martinez, Maria
  Martinez, Mercedes
  Martinez, Ramon
  Martinez, Refugia
  Martinez, Sebastian Gabriel
  Martinez, Tomas
  Martinez, Virginia


  Martinez Family
  Martens, Klaus W. 
  Marvin, William E. 
  Masich, Andrew E. 
  Mason-Phillips, Lillia S. 
  Massey, Robert 
  Masterson, Josephene B. 
  Masterson, Murat
  Matheny, Myrtle
  Matheson, Leona
  Matheus, Dr. Charles Gustave
  Mathews, Lemuel P. 
  Matteson, George
  Matt, August 
  Matts, Emily (Webb)
  Matus, Leatrice W. (Quechan)
  Mawk, Edith (“Goat Lady of Fortuna Wash”)
  Maxey, James W. 
  Maxhimer, Ray
47 Mayberry, James T. 
  Mayberry, John A. 
  Mabery, Lloyd Franklin
  Maybery, Robert L. 
  Maye, Daniel 
  Mayer, Marian Sambrano
  Mayes, Ed (Castle Dome)
  Mayfield, Lawrence
  Mayfield, Tiberda
  Mayhew, Carmelita
  Mayhew, Jesse Felix and Carmelita F. 
  Mazon, Ramon and Josefa (Cordova)
  McBride, John
  McBride, Taylor
  McCabe, John
  McCaghren, Earl
  McCain, Don Cecil and Verda (Donkersley)
  McCain, Ed
  McCain, John Robert (b.1852) and Alice Jane Family
  McCain, John Robert Sanford (b.1920)
  McCain, Murley M. Sr. (b.1893), and Lillie J. (Pool)
  McCain, Murley Jr. (b 1921) and Mary (Griffin)
  McCain, William B. and Mary Mayfield (Martin)
  McIntosh, Ben
  McClendon, Bob
  McClure, Arnoldias H. 


  McClure, Mrs. W. E. Jr. 
  McCollum, Paul
  McCormick, Ketti (blind attorney)
  McCord, Roy C. 
  McCoy, Eleanor
  McCrory, O. J. 
  McCugh, Joe (Martinez Lake, Ariz.)
  McCune, Patrick (photographer, writer)
  McCurley, Doyle (film actor)
48 McDaniel – Cooper Families
  McDermott, Roberta J. (“Bobbie”)
  McDonald, Lawrence L. Jr. 
  McDonald, Milton
  McEachran, Mary (Agua Caliente, Ariz.)
  McElhaney, Frank
  McElhaney, R. H. 
  McElhaney, Sam
  McEntree, Larry 
  McGalliard, James
  McGarr, Charles E. 
  McGarry, Dwight
  McGee, Bob
  McGill, Joseph Foster
  McGinty, John 
  McGowen, Charles
  McGowan, Ned (Edward)
  McGragor, Geor-Gia (hermaphrodite)
  McGraw, Charles W.  
  McInnis, Jessie
  McIntire, Donald
  McIntyre, Beatrice K. 
  McIntyre, Donald F. 
  McIntyre, Donald I. 
  McIntyre, Peter
  McKale, J. F. 
  McKay, Clarence (Bud)
  McKean, Harry
  McKeand, Tina
  McKelvey, Ron
  McKey, Alexander
  McKinstry, George
  McLane, Mr. (“Mr. Yuma”)
  McLay, James
  McClean, Thomas (“Yuma” or “Old Yuma”)
  McLendon, Robert


  McLerran, Alice (writer)
  McMahon, Ruth (Burolla)
  McMorris, George Washington and Josepha (Martinez)
  McNeel, Mildred and Russell
  McNiel, Karen
  McPhaul, Henry (“Harry”) Family
  McPhaul, William
  McPherson, Aimee Semple
  McPherson, Orville Scharff
  McVay, Adah Sophia
  McVeigh, John  (“Mike”)
  McVey, Jeff (musician)
49 Mead, Arthur A. 
  Meadows, Charles
  Meadows, George
  Meadows, Gertrude B. 
  Meadows, J. D. (Jake)
  Meadows, James Harvey
  Meadows, Mobley A. 
  Meeden, Claus von der 
  Meija, Alfred A. (“Chapo”)
  Mellon, Archie 
  Mellon, Doug Lee
  Mellon, John Alexander (“Captain Jack”)
  Mellon Family
  Mendez, Dolores
  Mendez, Gregorio
  Mendez, Joe
  Mendez, Lisa
  Mendez, Maria Ynez
  Mendez, Refugia
  Mendez, Saturnino Leon
  Mendivil, Edward
  Mendivil, Jose Maria (Picacho, Calif.)
  Mendivil, Henry
  Mendivil, Ysidro and Alice
  Mendivil Family
  Mendoza Family
  Menoz, Jim
  Menta Family (Quechan)
  Merredith, Rev. Jesse L. 
  Merrifield, Doris (artist)
  Merrifield, Gertrude
  Mesa, Clemente
  Metz, Ada Royal (nurse)


  Meyer, Dr. Henry and Lynn Family
  Meyer, Theodore (“Ted”)
  Meyers, George
  Mezei, Thomas 
  Michael, Ralph L. 
  Michelsen, George and Leah Amelia (Schmidt)
  Middleton, Clifton (“Ed”)
  Miguel (Quechan Tribal Chief)
  Miguel, Addison (Quechan Tribal Chief)
  Miguel, Fidelia
  Miguel, Joseph Jr. (Quechan)
  Miguel, Joseph Sr. (Quechan)
50 Millar, Walter
  Millard, Benjamin (Quechan)
  Miller, Cecil D. 
  Miller, Charles Hall Jr. 
  Miller, Diane
  Miller, Fred (Cocopah Tribal Chairman)
  Miller, Hazel (Cocopah)
  Miller, Horace
  Miller, Jennie (Hodges)
  Miller, Murray
  Miller, P. J. 
  Miller, Sam (Cocopah)
  Miller, Wayman Walter
  Miller, William R. and Alice (Moffett)
  Millmaker, Melvin Otto
  Mills, Marie
  Mills, Mattie (musician)
  Miner, Charles
  Miner, Goldie C. 
  Ming, Allen B. 
  Ming, F. S. 
  Miniken, M. G. (“Pop”) and Minnie
  Minium, Judith (Yeadon)
  Minor, C. L. 
  Minor, Will Hart and Lotta A. 
  Minter, Clarence
  Minton, Victor
  Minturn, Benjamin
  Miranda, Tricia (dancer)
  Mitchell, Grace (Yavapai Tribal Chief)
  Mitchell, Ralph and Oacie (Tomson)
  Mitchell, Rebecca (artist)
  Mix, Dr. Alfred A. 


  Modesti, Althee Family
  Modesti, Phinoclade
  Moeller, Theodore L. (“Ted”)
  Moffett, Edward Burton
  Molina, Bengie
  Molina, Conrad B. 
  Molina, Diego
  Molina, E. A. 
  Molina, Ed G. 
  Molina, Ernest
  Molina, Francisco
  Molina, Jesus Family
  Molina, John A. 
  Molina, Jose M. 
  Molina, Louis 
  Molina, Leonard
  Molina, Mary
  Molina, Miguel Family
  Molina, Rosalina
  Molloy, Thomas D. and Anna C. (Wadin)
  Montague, Alice (Quechan)
  Montague, Felix (Quechan)
  Montague, Henry (Quechan Tribal Council President)
  Montague, Dr. Richard (Quechan)
  Montana, Edward (“Vito”)
  Montana, John Garcia
  Montezuma, Dr. Carlos (Apache)
  Montalvo, Rasiro
  Montgomery, Lorena
  Montgomery, Ray
  Montgomery, Sandra Ford
  Montgomery, William Ford
  Montijo, Ramon and Eslinda (Bustamente)
  Moody, Robert C. and Gertrude 
  Moody, Robert J. 
  Moore, Charles H. 
  Moore, Howard Virgil (“Dick”) (Dome Valley, Ariz.)
  Moore, Lois
  Moore, Robert H. 
  Moore, Ronnie 
51 Morales, Brijidi
  Morales, John O. 
  Morales, Rosendo Jr. (San Luis, AZ.)
  Morales, Samuel
  Moran, Margaret


  Moran, Rachael 
  Morang, Myrtle
  Morell, Mike (writer)
  Moreno, Angelito 
  Moreno, Eduardo
  Moreno, Edward Sr. 
  Moreno, Eloise
  Moreno, Joseph Family
  Moreno, Rumaldo
  Morang, Myrtle
  Moretti, Paul
  Morgan, Caroline
  Morgan, Henrietta (Frank)
  Morgan, Oris Freeman
  Morgan, Thomas H. 
  Morlos, Nechie (Sambrano) (Picacho, Calif.)
  Morris, Kenny
  Morrish, John L. 
  Morrison, W. L. 
  Morrow, Nora E. 
  Morton Family
  Moser, Carl
  Moser, Ethel L. 
  Moser, Roy Raymond (WWII bombardier)
  Moser, Sister Jean Anne
  Moser, T. H. 
  Moss, Ethel Thurman
  Motta, Ken
  Mowry, Sylvester
  Mullan, Louis A. 
  Munn, May Ricks
  Munoz, Antonia
  Munoz, Clotilde
  Munoz, Eddie
  Munoz, Eleanor H. (Quechan)
  Munoz, Elijia
  Munoz, Emilio
  Munoz, Evelyn (Quechan)
  Munoz, Joe. A. 
  Munoz, Tircio G. 
  Murdock, Shirley Woodhouse and George (Roll, Ariz.) (writer)
  Murillo, Cirilo
  Murphy, Ernestine
  Murphy, Kevin
  Murray, Amanda


  Murrieta Family
  Murray, Amanda (Miss Arizona 1993)
  Murray, Joan
  Musgrove, Guy and Ivah (McWhorter)
  Musgrove, Naomi
  Musgrove, Sebe
  Myers, Margaret
  Myrick, Jessie
  Myrland, Eli
  Myron, Leon (artist)
52 Nabours, William W. 
  Naquin, A. J. (“Jack”)
  Naquin, Betty
  Nation, Carrie
  Navarro Family
  Navigator (homeless man)
  Nelson, Vincent A. Jr. (“Vince”)
  Newhard, Robert
  Ng, Hardy Paul
  Nicely, Michael
  Nicklaus, E. Vonne
  Norfleet, Betty Rae (musician)
  Norred, Clint 
  Norton, Dunbar
  Nutt, Dr. Roger W. 
  Nunez, Jose Cruz
  Nabours, William W. and Mariana
  Napoleon, Antonio
  Neahr, David and Maria (Hupchauss or Epsas) and Family (Quechan)
  Neahr. Edward
  Neahr, Hank
  Neahr, James Freeson Family
  Neahr, Refugio Family
  Neahr, Samuel
  Neahr, William Family
53 Nebeker, Edith
  Nelson, Dwight
  Nelson, Lafe
  Nerva, Alfonso (Quechan)
  Nerva, Lillian (Quechan)
  Neville, George A (“Al”)
  Nevin, Anna
  Newcomer, Floyd Eldin
  Newhard, Martha
  Newhard, Robert (“Toad”)


  Newhard, W. C.  (“Bill”)
  Newman, Chessie
  Newman, C. C. (“Pat”)
  Newman, Thomas Henry (“Pete”)
  Newton, Minnie
  Nichols, Raymond
  Nichols, Richard (“Nick”)
  Nichols, William R. (“Ray”)
  Nickerson, Jan L. (Dome Valley, Ariz.)
  Nock, George W. (includes photocopy of published Colorado River Indian Reservation 1887-1889 diary)
  Noland, Grady
  Noland, Thomas W. 
  Nord, August (“Gus”) and Katherine (Knight) Family
  Noriega, Arnulfo Jr. 
  Noriega, Carmen M. 
  Noriega, Francisco Family
  Norton, Amelia (Baker)
  Norton, Charles G. and Amelia (Baker)
  Norton, George
  Norton, George William and Carmen (Martinez)
  Nugent, Joe
  Nugent, Michael J. 
  Nummel, John
  Nunes Family
  Nunez, Jose Cruz
  Nusbaum, Jim and Bernice 
54 O’Brien, Manus
  O’Bryant, Shirley
  Ochoa, Carlos
  Ochoa, Epifanio
  Ochoa, Henry
  Ochoa, Ralph V. 
  Ochsner, Dr. Albert John (2 folders)
  Ochsner, Josephene E. 
  O’Connor, Sandra Day
  Oden, Gary
  Odens, Peter
  Odle, Susan (Noble)
  Odom, Robert L. 
  Ogden, Dorothy (Reed)
  Ogden, Ralph
  Ogram, George Ellery
  Olague, Felix
  Olague, Longina H. 


  Olberg, Judson W. 
  Olea, Edward
  Olea, Ralph D. 
  Olea, Rose Marie
  Olea, Ysidoro and June (Halleck)
  Olea Family
54A Olivas, Edujives 
  Olivas, Manuel Gard
  Oliver, J. F. 
  Olivo, Manuel G. (Parker, Ariz.)
  Olson, Bob
  Olson, Jim
  Olson, Lourence (Taylor)
  O’Neill, Bobbie (writer)
  O’Neill, Dave (mining prospector, d. 1916)
  O’Niel, Hapilia (“Hap”)
  Opfenring, Dr. Kathy
  Orendorff, Charles Boyd
  Orendorff, Charles Greenwood
  Orendorff, James Lawrence
  Orendorr, John Keplinger
  Orendorff, Ralph Horace
  Ornelas, Avelina
  Orines, Juan (Filipino community leader)
  Orozco, Grace P. 
  Orozco, Patricia
  Orta, Mike Ruiz and Ruth (Mendez)
  Ortega, Geneva
  Ortega, Francisco
  Ortega, Ignacio T. 
  Ortega, Rafael
  Ortega, Stefua
  Ortega, Susana
  Ortez, Francisca
  Ortiz, Anna
  Ortiz, Carmen
  Ortiz, Francisca
  Ortiz, Geronomo
  Ortiz, Kay
  Ortiz, Pablo Armenta and Clara (Bateman)
  Ortiz, Pablo Ramirez
  Osborn, Jones 
  Osborn, Mabel
  Osborne, Edna May
  Osborne, Ellis D. 


  Osborne, H. M. (Parker, Ariz.)
  Osborne, Lafayette and Leona
  Oton, Julia
  Outlaw, Jim
  Outlaw, Michelle
  Owen, Melinda 
  Owens, Mary Lou
  Owl, Pauline (Quechan)
  Ozmun, Lincoln (Picacho, Calif.)
  Ozuna, Mariano
55 Pace, Udall Wilson
  Pacheco, Selestino and Esperanza (Mendez)
  Padilla, Carmen
  Padilla, Veronica
  Paiz, Maria Justa ((Perez)
  Pagan, Pete and Virginia
  Page, Amelia (Cocopah)
  Page, Lucy (Cocopah)
  Pakinkis, W. F. (“Bronco Bill”)
  Palacio, Frank A. 
  Palma (Quechan chief)
  Palmer, Joe (Navajo Code Talker)
  Palmer, Ola (Williams)
  Palomares Family
  Palone, Ervin (Quechan)
  Palone, Paul (Quechan)
  Pancrazi, Robert
  Pancrazi Family
  Pantagas, Julio
  Papar (Papn, PapHahn), Leonard
  Paquin, Dr. James
  Paranya, Pinkie (writer)
  Parenti, Phillip
  Parker, Alfred Howard
  Parker, Debbie
  Parker, Earl H. 
  Parker, Fred H. (prospector)
  Parker, Hippah (Quechan)
  Parker, Prosper P. 
  Parks, George D. and Libby Ann (Simunek)
  Parks, Newt
  Parks, Patti Family
  Parras Family
  Pascual (Quechan chief)
  Pask, Scott (Tony Award for Set Design)


  Pasquinelli, Gary and Pete
  Patrice, Sister
  Patrick, Kent
  Patterson, Barbara B. 
  Patterson, Effie (Lyall)
  Patterson, Hattie L. 
  Patterson, James and Blanche 
  Patterson, John
  Patterson, L. F. 
  Patterson, Loyal Wesley
  Patterson, Ruben L. 
  Patterson, R. S. 
  Paulsen, Cynthia
  Payan, Irma
  Payne, Mary Refugio (Rizo)
56 Peabody, George (Tompkins)
  Peach, John and Yvonne
  Peach Family
  Pelayo, Martin
  Pena, Marcia
  Pena, Ramon
  Pender, William A. 
  Penilla, David
  Penn, Juanna (Quechan)
  Penn, William (Quechan)
  Pennoyer, Jamie
  Penny, Bill
  Penny, Clara
  Pennyson, Tom
  Perez, Beatrice
  Perez, Feliz
  Perez, John
  Perez, Josie V. 
  Perez, Justa Rosa 
  Perez, Louis E. (includes photos)
  Perez, Louis Gonzales and Sarah (Domingues Castaneda)
  Perez, Paul M. (photographer)
  Perez, Rupento 
  Perez Family
  Perkins, Linwood
  Perkins, Maxine
  Perry, Louanna
  Perry, Margaret (Byrne)
  Peterkin, G. S. 
  Peters, Lawrence (cactus sitter)


  Peterson, Don
  Peterson, Manda
  Peterson, Robbie
  Peterson – Hosto, Audrey Lynne
  Pettigrew, Michael
  Pfeiffer, Velma
  Phillips, Guty and Minnie (Jidwell) Family
  Phillips, H. P.
  Phillips, Judy (artist)
  Phillips, Bob (“Red”)
  Phillips, Leigh
  Phillips, Dr. William A. 
  Phillips Family
  Phipps, Donna
  Phipps, John (artist)
  Picker, George
  Pickering, George
  Pidgeon, Edward R. 
  Pierce, Jim
  Pierson, Sister Lillian
  Pina, Evelyn
  Pinsker, Harriet
  Pipes, Lily
  Pirkle, Arthur J. (writer)
  Plew, Lucille
  Plosser, Laura (deVane)
57 Pointdexter, William Gentry
  Polhamus, Charles
  Polhamus, Francis O. 
  Polhamus, Isaac (“Captain” b. 1829) and Sacramento (Sambrano)
  Polhamus, Isaac  III (“Ike” b. 1889) (Yuma Police Chief)
  Polhamus, James M. 
  Polhamus, Jennie
  Polhamus, John
  Polhamus, Leland Vincent
  Polhamus, Melvin H. 
  Polhamus, Sara Lopez
  Polhamus Family
  Pool, Harold
  Pool, Marjorie V. 
  Pool, Sanford P. and Lara (Barry) Family
  Porter, Bill A. 
  Porter, DeForest
  Post, Albert Ernest
  Post, Albert William


  Post, Asa F. 
  Post, Mary Elizabeth
  Post Family
  Poston, Charles Debrille
  Potter, Margaret A. 
  Powell, Charles
  Powell, Dixie L. 
  Powell, Edith
  Powell, John Wesley
  Power, Albert 
  Power, Curt Jr. 
  Power, Ernest 
  Power, J. C. 
  Power, L. O. (Pete)
  Power, Martha F. and Albert 
  Power, Noah E. 
  Power, Saxton (“Sax”)
  Power, Stephen
  Power, William Edward and Sarah Elizabeth (Lee) Family
  Power, William S. 
58 Pradt, Dericka (actress, model)
  Preciado, Julian
  Preciado, Leda
  Price, Gladys S. 
  Price, W. W. 
  Pridgen, Audrey

Priest, Raymond Marshall and Frankie Bellamy (Gillam) Family

(includes “Raymond Marshall Priest – The Yuma Project”)

  Priest, Ward and Adele
  Prince, Frank
  Pritchard, Margaret
  Pridgen, William H. 
  Proebstel, Mary
  Purdy, Samuel J. 
  Putnam, Barry Folsom Family
  Pyle, Roy O and Fay C. 
  Quinn, Pat
  Quirk, Warren
  Qualupe, Helen M. (Quechan)
  Quintero, Emma
  Quiroz, Dave
  Quiroz, Jennie
  Quiroz, Pete
  Quiroz Family
  Quinlin, James


  Quintero, Genoveva (Garcia)
  Quintero, Kristine (Williams) Family (includes. Williams, Hiles, Whitcomb, and Baylor Families)
59 Ragel, Mary Ann (Pickenbach) (Buchanan)
  Rainbow, Doris (Quechan)
  Rainbow, Lee (Quechan)
  Rains, John
  Rainwater, Versie
  Ralston, Dale and Ludmelia (Holstein) Family
  Rambo, Clyde “Red” and Family
  Ramirez, Cora
  Ramirez, Joe and Mago
  Ramirez, Manuel
  Ramirez, Rayo
  Ramos, Rev. Father Francisco (Ramiro Fancosso)
  Ramos, Frank
  Ramsey, Bob (Pima Indian)
  Ramsey, John (“Dean of Desert Prospectors”)
  Ramsey, Mannie LaVerna
  Ramsey, Richard H. 
  Ramsey, Wade
  Randolph, Fred
  Ratliff, H. W. and Ruth (Leach)
  Rautenberg, Dick
  Ray, Alonzo M. (“Lon”) (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Ray, William L. 
  Raya, Juanita
  Reavis, David D. 
  Reavis, Isham
  Reavis, James Addison
  Redondo, Alfonso
  Redondo, Angelica
  Redondo, Emanuel
  Redondo, Estevan Family
  Redondo, Hector
  Redondo, Horace
  Redondo, Jesus (1826-1897)
  Redondo, John 
  Redondo, John Lewis Jr. 
  Redondo, Jose Maria and Piedad
  Redondo, Joseph L. and Family
  Redondo, Joseph F. 
  Redondo, Luis M. Militar
  Reeder, Paul R. 
  Reese, Joseph D. 


  Reeves, Cathy
  Reid, Ruth
  Reyes, Virginia
  Reilly, James
  Reilly, Joseph Michael and Mary Emma (Hittle) Family
  Rendon, Joey
  Renteria, Geronima
  Renteria, Maria C.
  Reyes, Jose
  Reynolds, Mark
  Reynolds, Sally
  Rezin, Eva Whitsel
60 Rhodes, John
  Rhorer, Terri
  Rice, Lovebel
  Richards, Jeff 
  Richards, Lavina Ruth
  Richardson, Booker T. (Tacna, Ariz.)
  Ricks, George and Emma Family
  Rico, Felipe C. 
  Rico, Vic
  Rico, Ysmael
  Rider, Doris
  Ridley, Walter
  Riebe, Norman J. 
  Riedel, Nieves (Garcia)
  Riggs, Barney
  Riley, Clara
  Riley, Don and Jeffie
  Riley, Laura (Sabin) (writer)
  Riley, Thomas T. (Picacho, Calif.)
  Riley, Walter D. 
  Riley, William
  Rinehart, Ricky
  Ringwald, Gustave A. 
  Rios, Marci
  Ritchie, Lester
  Rivera, Vincent
  Rivers, Jean
  Roach, Janet Gordon (writer)
  Robbins, Masuko Summers (artist)
  Roberts, Bonnie
  Roberts, Calvin
  Roberts, Cathy
  Roberts, Dale


  Roberts, Ira
  Robertson, C. W. 
  Robertson, George R. and Mary (Pine)
  Robertson, Peter T. 
  Robinson, George R. (Fire Chief)
  Robison, Sam
  Robinson, C. B. and Jodie
  Robinson, Harland
  Robinson, James Calvin (“Robby”)
  Robinson, Mary C.
  Robinson, Palantine and Sarah 
  Robinson, Raymond
  Robles, Bob (writer–poet)
  Robles, Conception (“Connie”)
  Rochester, Barbara
  Rodenbaugh, G. A. 
  Rodriquez, Alexander and Julia (Rames)
  Rodriguez, Alta G. 
  Rodriguez, Joann
  Rodriguez, Joseph (“Sonny”)
  Rodriguez, Marie
  Rodriquez Family
  Rogacki, Vit and Angela (Somerton, Ariz.) (artist)
  Rogers, Tom
  Rohrbough, Jay and Mary Laura (Welch) Family
  Rohrer, Caroline Newell (“Carrie”)
  Rolfe, Barbara and Buddy
  Rolle, James B. 
  Rolle, Sarah
61 Romanyik, Pavel (“Peter”) (dancer)
  Romero, Carmelita de Mara (world’s oldest living person)
  Romero, Josefa
  Romero, Ysmail
  Romo, J. 
  Romos, Anita
  Ronstadt, Henry and Guadalupe (Lupe)
  Rood, William B. 
  Rooney, Dr. C. E.
  Roosevelt, Theodore
  Root, Sophia (Johannsen)
  Rosales, Belen
  Rose, D. C. 
  Rose, Hugh W. 
  Rose, Pete (Quechan)
  Rosson, Dr. Roland


  Rouff Family
  Rounds, Opal
  Rouse, Laurance T. (“Curly”)
  Rowell, Converse Willard Chamberlain
  Rowell, Elmer
  Rowland, Noel 
  Rube, Joe
  Ruby, Dario and Agusta
  Ruch, Bill
  Ruch, Eugene D. 
  Ruiz, Joe (“Chepe”) (musician) (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Ruiz, Charlene
  Ruiz, Gloria
  Rummel, Erma H. 
  Rupp, Paul Kenneth
  Rushin, Tom 
  Rusing, Gayle Holmgren
  Russell, Prudence 
  Russell, Sennan (Quechan)
  Rust, Theodore Green
  Ruth, Walter P. (“Cowboy”)
  Rutledge, James William
  Ryan, Mark (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Rynning, Thomas H. 
62 Sabala, John R. 
  Sage, Cornelius
  Sage, Mina
  Salcido, Maria
  Salas, Christina Fuentes
  Salas Family
  Salomon, Maria Ines
  Salpointe, Rev. Father John B. (Bishop of Arizona, Archbishop of Santa Fe)
  Sam, Charlie (Chinese restaurateur and grocer)
  Sam Charlie II (b.1899, Chinese grocer)
  Sambrano Family
  Samra, Gurshran (“Sonny”)
  Sams, Virgil
  San Diego, Mrytle Miguel (Quechan)
  Sanchez, Josh
  Sanchez, Josephine
  Sanchez, Ricardo (San Luis, Ariz.)
  Sandate, Refugia Y. 
  Sandate, Rosa
  Sanderson, Nancy (writer)


  Sands, Helen B. 
  Sandstrom, Kirsten Leigh
  Sanguinetti, Eugene Frank 
  Sanguinetti, Eugene Frank Jr. (“Francis”)
  Sant, Ferdy and Margaret
  Santa Criz, Antonio Sala
  Santana, Juan
  Satarain, Maria (blind girl in the 1870’s)
  Saunders, Spurling (“Pop”)
  Savage, Aura Mae (Graves) (Robbins) (artist)
  Savage, Eugene T. 
  Savilla, Agnes (Mohave, Colorado River Indian Tribe)
  Savilla, Elmer (Quechan President)
  Savilla, William (Quechan President)
  Sawers, Mabel
  Saxon, Kurt
  Scarbrough, John R. 
  Schaefer, Robert
  Schechert, Henry H. (“Hank”) (Founder of Foothills)
  Schofield, John  (“Little John”)
  Schaal, William F. 
  Schafer, Ernest
  Scholl, David
  Schott, Alma Cooper
  Schuett, Trudy W. (writer)
  Schuman, Perry
  Schutz, Glennie (Card) (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Scott, Anna S. 
  Schmidt, Vaughn 
  Schott, Alma
  Schumecker, Raphael and Nadine (Tiedemann)
  Schupbach, Carl William and Vera (Coate) Family
  Schutz, Clyde S. 
  Schwark, Zola
  Schwarting, Cotna
  Scott, Clifford A. 
  Scott, James N. 
  Scott, Williard J. and Anna Marie (Green)
  Scott, William Elsworth and Angela (Gonzales) (Quartzsite, Ariz.)
  Scott, Robert L. (Parker, Ariz.)
63 Seals, Kirch
  Sealy, S. B. (Cibola Valley, Ariz.)
  Seamans, George H. and Arah (Patterson)
  Seay, Estella L. 
  Seeley, Alfred L. 


  Seibel, Josh (dancer)
  Self, Everette
  Sellers, Henry J. 
  Serrano, Miguel
  Setchfield, Stewart (musician)
  Sexsmith, Pearl B. 
  Sexsmith Family
  Sexton, Ed
  Shackelford, Esther A. 
  Shanssey, John (“Honest John”)
  Sharp, Irene (Parker, Ariz.)
  Sharpensteen Family
  Shaw, Bill and Gerry
  Shaw, LaVerne (Stanton)
  Shaw, Sarah (musician)
  Shelley, Jordan (film actor)
  Sheridan, David V. 
  Sheridan, James M.
  Sheridan, Mike
  Sheridan Family
  Sherman, Uriah S. 
  Shill, Quinton Scott
  Shipp, Keifer and Grace (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Shipp, Lucy
  Shipp, Mary A. and William Ollie
  Shipp Family
  Shorey, W. Harold
  Short, E. L. (Bouse, Ariz.)
  Shove, Tim
  Short, E. L. 
  Showalter, Daniel
  Shown, Stella
  Shropshire, William
  Sibley, Harry D. 
  Siebeck, Julius
  Silverman, Joel (film screenwriter)
  Simes, Jack
  Simmons, Henry W. (“Churckawalla Kid”)
  Simons, Fred E. 
  Simpson, Mike
  Sims, Mike
  Skinner, Paul and Emma (Crow)
  Slaughter, William
  Slicker, Bill (actor)
  Slocen, Robert E and Jill (Dateland, Ariz.)


  Smalley, Charles (musician)
  Smith, Aleine
  Smith, Alva (Parker, Ariz.)
  Smith, Anne
  Smith, Beula
  Smith, Charles M. and Daisy B. 
  Smith, Chris
  Smith, Cicero Stewart
  Smith, Delfina Sanchez
  Smith, Denny and Lille (Pool)
  Smith, Henry Britton
  Smith, Hettie (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Smith, Hewlitt
  Smith, Homer
64 Smith, Ira P. Family
  Smith, Jame A. 
  Smith, Jim D. 
  Smith, Joseph W. 
  Smith, John H. 
  Smith, Juan
  Smith, John C. and Eula (Whitman)
  Smith, Laura Gordon
  Smith, Louis
  Smith, Lulu Mae
  Smith, M. L. (Joe) and Bertha M. (Wyly) Family
  Smith, Margaret (Saxton)
  Smith, Maud M. 
  Smith, Melvin (museum collector) (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Smith, Miles P. (“Shade Tree”)
  Smith, Orville L. 
  Smith, Pam
  Smith, Thomas L. (“Pegleg”)
  Smith, Travis
  Smith, Voyle L. 
  Smith, William Michael
  Smith, William P. 
  Smith, Willie Family
  Smucker, Ray Family
  Snell, Jay H. 
  Snider, E. Q. 
  Snively, Jacob
  Snyder, Mary
  Sogard, Lovella J. (“Val”)
  Soarez, Jose M. 
  Sobotka, John Robert


  Soldwedel, Donald N. 
  Soldwedel, Joe
  Soliz, Jeronimo (“Jerry”) (artist)
  Solomon, Charles M. 
  Solovay, Dr. Mark
  Sonnenmoser, Pamela (Gwinn)
  Sorpillon, Liboro D. 
  Sorensen, Stella D. 
  Sossaman, Iris Victoria (Ryan)
  Sosa, Feliz
  Sortillion, Andrew
  Sortillon Family
  Sotelo, Mary Josephene
  Soto, Canuto
  Soto, Paul (“Cocopah”)
  Sower, Edson
  Spain, Madeline (“Wellton, Ariz.)
  Sparks, Annie
  Sparks, R. C. (Gadsden, Ariz.)
  Sparks, Wendell
  Speer, Jack
  Speese, John
  Spencer, Clarence Veldon
  Spencer, Ruth
  Spitler, Ruth (writer)
  Splawn, Kenneth Thomas
  Splawn, Olon
  Stafford, C. William (“Bill”)
  Stahl, James Firmin and Scottie (Lee)
  Stahl, Loyal Carns and Emma Alice Townsend Family
  Stahl, Melvin Roosevelt Sr. and Hazel (Webb) Family
  Stahl, Melvin Roosevelt Jr. and Ann (Thacker) Family
  Stallworth, Richard
  Stalnaker, Lillian
  Stanley, John Frank Family
  Stanley, Dr. John Frank Jr. 
  Stanley, S. Frank and Laura (Trammell)
  Stanton, Francis
  Stanton, Richard (“Whitey”)
  Stanton, Richard Henry and Agnes (Godfrey)
65 Steenberger, William A. 
  Steiert, Gene and Opal (Hamblen)
  Steiert-Hillebert Families
  Stenson, Richard 
  Stephan, William 


  Stevens, John C. 
  Stinnett, George A. 
  Stafford, C. William 
  Stafford, Mike
  Stanhope, Lea
  Stark, Earl F. 
  Stebner, Carol
  Steele, Mike
  Steen, William R. 
  Steenhard, Susan
  Stein, Joseph J. 
  Steinfeld, Albert
  Steinfelt, Vickie
  Stevens, Earl and Pearl (Weston)
  Stevens, Warren Edward and Margaret Leolia (Westover) Family
  Stevenson, Mae (Ferson)
  Stewart, Carma
  Stewart, Jimmie W. (“Straw”)
  Stratton, Anthony Vern
  Stirratt, Helen
  Stocker, Don
  Stoffela, John
  Stringham, Ardis (Laudenslager) (musician)
  Stout, Dean Sanford 
  Stowe, Jan
  Straley, Chip
  Sturdivant, Bertram Victor (“Sturdy”)
  Sturges, Charles
  Sturges, Derelle Ellsworth
  Sturges, Glen 
  Sturges, Stephen H. and Rose (Poos)
  Sturges, W. 
  Sturm, Marie
  Stewart, Jack (John?)
  Stuart, Lenore
  Sullivan, Dolly L. 
  Sullivan, Marcia E. 
  Sullivan, Patrick J. and Family
  Sullivan, Thomas P. 
  Sumner, Stephan 
  Summerhayes, Martha
  Suverkrup, Hank
  Swain, Steve
  Sweeny, Thomas W. 
  Swilling, Jack


  Swift, Alex
  Swift Arrow, Lindsey (Quechan)
  Swing, Philip David
  Sykes, Godfrey
  Syron, Charles W. 
66 Tabor, Clifford C. 
  Taggart, Dr. Jim H. 
  Tank, Betty (aviator)
  Tannehill, Ruth E. 
  Tanner, Rollin C. 
  Tarwater, Joe (artist)
  Taylor, Charles W. 
  Taylor, Ebbie
  Taylor, Emzy (Enzy?)
  Taylor, Gary
  Taylor, Janelle (writer)
  Taylor, Jim S. (Quechan)
  Taylor, John 
  Taylor, Nathaniel
  Taylor, Ruthie
  Taylor, Sherwood (Quechan)
  Taylor, Theodosia (Quechan)
  Taylor, William
  Tays, Henry C. 
  Teague, John
  Telford, Harvie Obie
  Templeman, Kaye (artist)
  Terry Curtis
  Tester, Louise
  Tevis, James Henry
  Thacker, Florence
  Thacker Family
  Thayer, Carl
  Thibalult, Dr. Marie-Josee
  Thiesen, Charles
  Thode, Thomas A. 
  Thomas, Bob
  Thomas, Charles W. Jr. and Ruth Family
  Thomas, Frank 
  Thomas, Grant (dancer)
  Thomas, K. Helen
  Thomas, Melissa (Cocopah)
  Thomas, Sam
  Thomas, Walter N. 
  Thompson, Betty


  Thomas, William (Cocopah)
  Thompson, Beulah V. 
  Thompson, Charlie Henry
  Thompson, Jeff
  Thompson, Mike
  Thompson, Shirley (belly dancer)
  Thorn, Woodrow
  Thornton Family
  Thrower, Artie L. 
  Thurlow, George
  Thurman (Thorroughman), George and Mary Addie (Huckaby) Family
  Thurman, Maggie (Lynch) (Huckaby)
  Thyregod, Carl A. 
  Tiffany, Joesph
  Tillman, Charles W. (Stanwix Station, Ariz.)
  Tillman, Fagan
  Timmons, William F. 
  Tindall, Dr. Charles H.
67 Tobias, E. H. 
  Tollestrup, David
  Tongeland, Dr. Arthur and Marian
  Torres, Casmiria
  Torres, Emma
  Torres, Eugene (“Gene”)
  Torres, Geronimo
  Torres, Jesse
  Townley, James (Somerton, Ariz.)
  Townsend, Albert W. 
  Townsend, Clara (Ferguson)
  Townsend, Harry Edger and Mary Elizabeth (Westfall) Family
  Townsend, Ida May
  Townsend, Oscar F. Family
  Townsend, Phil
  Trafzer, Clifford (historian)
  Trigg, Don (museum collector)
  Trigg, Trudy
  Trimble, Marshall (historian)
  Trippel, A. A. and Dorothy (Titcomb)
  Tucker, Ida Mae
  Tucker, Roberta (Berry)
  Tudor, Neil
  Turnell, Kevin
  Turner, Emmett Leon
  Turner, Frances (Doan)
  Turner, Frank W. 


  Turnell, Gertrude
  Turpin, Kate
  Turrentine, Cinday (dancer)
  Tuthill, Dr. Alexander Mackenzie
  Tuttle, Allyn
  Tuttle, Edward D. 
  Tyner, Andrew
  Tyng, George
  Tyson, Charlie
  Ubert, Genebobo
  Udall, Morrris
  Ulloa, Genevieve
  Underhill, Emily
  Underhill, John
  Underhill, Thomas W. 
  Underwood, Agatha 
  Underwood, Hollis M. 
  Underwood, Maurice
  Uribe, Joe
  Urrea, Arthur
  Urrutia, Gilbert V. 

Urtuzaustequi Family

(Basque) (Somerton, San Luis, Ariz.)

  Uruchurtu, Dr. Richard A. Jr. 
  Ursuery, Ivy May
  Utting, Charles H. 
68 Valencia, Gustavo (“Bob”)
  Valencia, Joe
  Valenzuela, Francisco
  Valenzuela, Yolanda
  Van Dewalle, George
  Van Hooser, William T. and Eunice
  Van Horn, C. W. 
  Van Siclin, Frank
  Vance, Sharon
  Vance, Vivian Marie (Gordon) (Somerton)
  Vanegas Family
  Varela, Henry
  Vargas, Juanita (Salomen)
  Varner, Walter Jr. and Mary Louise (Balsz) 
  Vasquez, Esperanza
  Vasquez, Juan
  Vasquez, Refugio
  Vasquez, Rosa 
  Vasquez, Viscenta 


  Vaughn, Homer Lee
  Vaughn, Jesse Aiken and Nellie (Grose)
  Vaught, Tarrie
  Vega, Artemisa (Martinez)
  Velarde, Luciano
  Velasquez Family
  Veneges, Guadalupe
  Vera, Rosaria 
  Verdugo, Ramona
  Vierra, Agnes (Balsz) (Redondo)
  Vierra, Frank M. 
  Villa, Henry Coz
  Villa, Pancho
69 Villa, Refugio N. 
  Villa, Rosalia (Coz)
  Villa, Sylvester C. and Artemisa Family
  Villaneda, Nina Josephine
  Villenueva, Crescencio
  Villanueva, Manuel
  Villanueva, Paul
  Villareal, Ana Hart (Quechan)
  Vincent, Albert Russell
  Vincent, Leon
  Vitalins, Anna
  Volpin, Abe
  Von Schoeler, Waldemar A. 
  Voorhis, George
  Vomicil, Frank and Marie Family
  Vomicil, Stella
  Votaw, Carroll
  Votaw, J. D. 
70 Waddell, Riance (Roll, Ariz.)
  Waddell, T. J. (“Ted”)
  Waddell, Williard
  Wade, Terre
  Wade, W. J. Sr. 
  Wadin, John and Anna (Olsson) Family (includes Tom and Anna Molloy)
  Wagner, Leah
  Wagner, Melba Barbara (Sheridan)
  Walker, Dr. Bruce
  Waggoner, Fred
  Waits, Elliot
  Waldridge, Jeremy
  Walker, James M. 


  Walker, Jay
  Walker, John D
  Walker, Mary Jane
  Walker, Polly
  Walker, Ray
  Walker, Sanford L. (“Sparky”)
  Walker, William
  Wall, Ebert (“Bert”)
  Wall, Victor L. 
  Wallace, Charles
  Wallace, Frank (“Slim”)
  Wallace, Jack
  Wallace, May C. 
  Walling, Preston
  Walsh, Robert Owen
  Walter, Mary
  Walters, Pete
  Ward, John R.
  Ward, Walter and Teresa
  Warner, Myra M. 
  Washum, Barbara Wilbanks (includes reminiscence “Taming The Kofa Mountains.”)
  Washum, Wyona (Hoy) (“Nona”)
  Washum, Jim
  Wasson, Daisy
  Watkins, Kelly
  Watkins, William Dow
  Watson, Kathy
  Watson, Ron
  Watson, T. B and Anna Laura
  Wayt, William
  Weatherford, Cassie
  Weatherly, Bob
  Weaver, Paulino9
  Webb, E. Family
  Webb, Vernon
  Weber, Dennis
  Weber, Helen (Cypert)
  Weber, John
  Weber, Matt Lutes
  Weeks, Charles Preston and Jessarene (Beatty) Family
  Weeks, Dorothea
  Weeks, O. K. and Cora (McBryde) (Somerton, Ariz.)
71 Weichmann, Erika
  Welch, Robert and Eliza (“Dan”) (Hadnot) (Wellton, Ariz). 


  Wells, Samuel
  Werley, Robert H. 
  Weidner, Jack
  Welch, Claude
  Welch, Kazuko (“Kay”)
  Welch, Michael
  Welter, Joy Mayhew
  Werley, Robert H. (photographer)
  Werninger, William Augustus (“Uncle Billy”)
  West, Don
  West, George
  West, Loy G. 
  West, Sarah Alice (Parker, Ariz.)
  Westerbeek, Bill
  Westover, Adele B. 
  Westover, John Homer and Anna (Musselman) Family
  Westover, William H. and Dora (Wharton)
  Wets, Maren Widdill (artist)
  Wham, Joseph
  Wheeler, Ada
  Wheeler, Carlene E. 
  Wheeler, Ellen 
  Wheeler, Felix (Quechan)
  Wheeler, Frank
  Wheeler, Glenn
  Wheeler, Howard
  Wheeler, Leavenworth (“Bun”)
  Whipple, Amiel
  Whisiker, Stephen S. 
  White, Antone (Cocopah?)
  White, Bessie (Cocopah)
  White, Charley
  White, Claudette (Quechan)
  White, Elmer
  White, James (Colorado River explorer)
  White, Josie Leona
  White, Lorraine (Quechan)
  White, Paloma
  White, Robert Lee
  White, Serena Dula
  White, Stella
  White, Wally
  Whitman, Bill
  Whitney, Al
72 Wick, Frank


  Wiedeman, Adolf
  Wiland, John
  Wilbanks, Jack and Martha
  Wilbur, Bessie
  Wilburn, Byard C. 
  Wicott, William                                 
  Wilcox, Alfred Henry and Maria (Arguello)
  Wilcox, Mark
  Wilder, U. George 
  Wilhelmy, Dr. John
  Wilkey, Mary Lou
  Wilkinson, Robert L. 
  Willen, James Merrill
  Williams, Bill (mountain man, d. 1849)
  Williams, Bill
  Williams, Deena
  Williams, Ed. F. 
  Williams, John Bell and Della Roxy (Crossline) Family
  Williams, Mary Cloud
  Williams, Mattie
  Williams, Ray
  Williams, Uriah and Amanda (Abstract of Title 1908-1938)
  Williams, William H. and Thelma
  Williamson, Robert Stockton
  Williamson, Theodore Roosevelt Sr. 
  Willis, O. H. 
  Wills, Dr. E. C. 
  Willson, Roscoe G. 
  Willweber, Charles Andrew and Mary (Hodges) Family
  Willweber, Louis Family
  Wilson, Esther
  Wilson, George
  Wilson, Jeff
  Wilson, John Charles (“Jay”)
  Wilson, John and Mercedes (Mendoza) (Downey)
  Wilson, Kathy 
  Wilson, Mary Marquez
  Wilson, Robert Flores
  Wilson, Scott
73 Winchester, Josiah (Quartzsite, Bouse, Ariz.)
  Winder, Richard
  Winn, M. L.  (” Jack”)
  Winsor, Clarissa (Brown)
  Winsor, Mulford Jr.
  Winsor, Mulford III (“Mud”)


  Winsor Family
  Wisener, Joanne
  Wisner, William and Emma (Branch) Family
  Witter, Jeffry (“Jack”)
  Wolff, Henry (“Butch”)
  Wolff, Oliver
74 Womack, Teri
  Wombacher, Jim
  Wong, Daniel Family
  Wong, Gim Hong
  Wong, Tin Family
  Wood, Ralph
  Woodard, R. Pete and Frances
  Woodhouse, Robert (“Robbie”)
  Woodhouse, Robert F. (Bob) and Elberta (“Berta”) (McLain) 
  Woodmansee, William J.  
  Woods, Grace Fisher
  Woods, Karen (“Kay”)
  Woods, Duncan
  Woods, Sidney Sterling and Jane Family
  Woolever, Julia
  Woodward Family
  Woolsey, King Sam
  Worthen, Charles and Lois (musician)
  Worthington, James and Carrie
  Worthington, Minnie
  Worthington, T. J. 
  Wozencraft,. Oliver
  Wright, Albert P. 
  Wright, Harold Bell (writer)
  Wright, Herschel H. 
  Wright, Lewis (Quechan)
  Wright, Oreal L. and Elva (Hinshaw)
  Wright, Rebecca
  Wright, Vernon C. 
  Wright, Wayne and Adele
  Wullenjohn, Amanda
  Wupperman, Henry
  Wupperman, Mary
75 Yancy, William and Mattie
  Yancy, Travis  (“Bud”)
  Yanez Family
  Yanez, Larry (“artist”)
  Yang, Thomas W. 
  Yarwood, Caroline (Hobbs)


  Yates, Elaine
  Yates, Imogene
  Yeamans, Paula (“Lollipop” clown)
  Yeazell, Clayton
  Yoder, Mahlon E. 
  York, J. Archie and Clara (Killian) (Bard, Calif.)
  Young, Daisy
  Young, Dorothy Ann
  Young, Edwin F. (Win)
  Young, Ernest 
  Young, Pete and Marilyn
  Young, Roy R. 
  Younker, Harold
  Zamprelli, Gloria and Vincent
  Zapata, Vincente
  Zavala, Juan (John) Laubio Jr. 
  Zavala, John R. 
  Zavala, Marcelin
  Zavala Family
  Zender, Marguerite
  Zepeda, Lily
  Zerega, Joel (Somerton, Ariz.) (artist)
  Zimmerman, Donald L. 
  Zinn, Ruth
  Zonver, John
  Zug, Robert 
76 - OV Acosta, Ruben
  Alexander, Olive Elizabeth
  Ammons, Mark
  Avila, Mary
  Barrantes-Arzuaga, Gina
  Birmingham, James
  Brockway, Harvey William & Doris Kathleen Michell
  Buckholz, Herman
  Byrne, Peter
  Card, Aregl Bernard
  Chappell, James A.
  Clymer, H. Vance
  Contreras, Concepcion
  Copple, Glenn
  Dean, Elmer
  Gheldof, J.
  Hodges, Belle
  Kelly, Harry & Carrie (McLain)
  Levy, Isaac
  Livingston, C.A.
  Patotzka, Gus & Eileen (Taylor)
  Perkins, Linwood
  Pryor, Allan
  Sharp, Tellis
  Smith, John
  Smith, Virginia
  Wanamaker, John
  Zug, Elmer & Isabel (Hodges)


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