Parent’s Guide: Your Child’s Use of the Library

Congratulations on encouraging your child’s use of the library! We hope this will be the beginning of lifelong learning and reading enjoyment for them. The Yuma County Library District is pleased to contribute to the education and entertainment of your child with its many audiovisual, print, and digital materials.


Please refer to the Circulation of Materials Borrower’s Policy


While a large children’s section exists with materials specifically for younger patrons, parents should be aware that children also have access to all materials in the library. The library staff will not monitor or censor your child’s selections. It is your responsibility as a parent to be aware of what your child is checking out. Our Collection Development policy regarding these matters reads as follows: “Responsibility for a minor's access to materials rests with that minor's parents or legal guardians.”


Parents are responsible for fees accrued on their child’s card. This includes replacement costs and billing charges for lost materials.


If you wish to pick up items being held for your child, you must be in possession of their card or check the items out on your own card.


Report lost cards immediately to prevent their use by unauthorized persons.


YCLD rules and regulations state “Children under the age of 10 must be supervised at all times by a parent or a caregiver who is 16 years old or older.” We ask that you maintain direct supervision over children you bring to the library. Please help them learn behavior that is appropriate to a public library setting. This includes keeping voices to a reasonable level and respecting the materials, furnishings, and equipment by using them appropriately. As a part of their regular duties, library staff members are required to speak to those in need of a reminder of these guidelines. Please keep in mind that our goal is to help everyone have an enjoyable and successful library experience.

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