Eiden-Harada Collection

TITLE: Eiden-Harada Collection 

DATE RANGE: 1907-1993


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 1 box (.5 linear feet)

PROVENANCE: Donated by Jean Orendorff, wife of Lawrence Orendorff

COPYRIGHT: Yuma County Library District owns the copyright to this collection.

RESTRICTIONS: This collection is unrestricted.   

CREDIT LINE: Eiden-Harada Collection, Y-MS9, Yuma County Library District

PROCESSED BY: Benjamin Findley, July 2013 


Albert Henry Eiden was a plumber in Yuma Arizona. He was born on October 9th 1883, in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He came to Yuma in 1914, intending to pass through on the way to El Paso but ended up settling in the town and opening a plumbing business with Lawrence Orendorff.  Eiden was a private in the 34th Infantry Division of the National Guard during World War 1. His division was sent to France in 1918 only a month before the end of the war.  It was in Yuma that Eiden met and befriended the Japanese-American Harada Family. During World War II, when the Harada family was forced to move to the Japanese Internment Camp at Poston, Arizona, Albert offered to store the possessions that the Harada family could not take with them. He stored the items for several years until the family reclaimed them in 1945.


Included in the papers of Albert Eiden are letters to Eiden from the Harada family, describing life in the Poston Japanese Internment Camp.  There is also correspondence to Eiden from their son, Takeshi Harada, a Japanese-American in the U. S. Army during World War II.


Box Folder Title Dates
1 1 Biographical: Eiden, Albert 1973, N.D.
  2 Biographical: Harada Family 1988
  3 Correspondence: Harada Family 1942 – 1945, N.D.
  4 Correspondence: Harada, Takeshi 1942 – 1993, N.D.
  5 Documents: Automobiles 1949 – 1953, N.D.
  6 Documents: Finance 1916 – 1967, N.D.
  7 Documents: First Aid N.D.
  8 Documents: Miscellaneous 1907 – 1962, N.D.
  9 Documents: Plumbing 1917 – 1964, N.D.
  10 Documents: Shipping Records 1942 – 1943, N.D.
  11 Documents: World War 1 1918 – 1919, N.D.
  12 Membership Cards: American Legion 1925 – 1964
  13 Membership Cards: B.P. . Elks 1929 – 1962
  14 Membership Cards: Various 1942 - 1956
  15 Photographs: Reference notes and photos of Takeshi Harada during WWII 1940’s 
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