Our hoopla digital collection is getting bigger!

We’re excited to share that we are expanding our digital collections on hoopla!

As part of this expansion, we will be moving our Audiobook titles from OverDrive to hoopla on December 1, 2022.

If you aren’t familiar with hoopla, you can Read, Watch, and Listen to more than 950,000 eBook, audiobook, comic, movie, music, or television titles. You can sign up for hoopla with your library card and download the hoopla app from the app store.

Five books held together with headphones on top


Why are we doing this?

To reduce wait times on popular audiobook titles.

How many items can I check out?

You can check out 10 Instant titles per month. Checkout limits refresh at midnight on the first day of each month.

In addition, you may check out up to 5 Flex audiobooks at a time. You will also be able to place Holds on Flex audiobook titles.

What happens if I have a hold on an audiobook in OverDrive?

Since OverDrive and hoopla are two different platforms, holds cannot be transferred. However, many popular audiobook titles are already available on hoopla. Once you’ve signed up for a hoopla account, you will be able to place holds and submit requests for titles.

What happens if I have an audiobook checked out in OverDrive?

Any audiobook titles checked out and downloaded before December 1st will be available until the end of the loan period. Once the loan period ends, the title will be returned and transferred to hoopla.

I signed up for hoopla in the past, but I can’t remember my login/password.

Please contact your local library; we can look up your account for you.

How do I use hoopla on iOS/Android/Kindle, etc?

How do I use audiobook chapters in hoopla?

Click on the link for audiobook chapter instructions.

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