Meeting Room Rules

1. All meetings must be open and free to the public. No admission charges are permitted.

2. All publicity is the responsibility of the applicant. The Library’s telephone number may not be placed in publicity, as the Library is not a source of information concerning the event.

3. Announcements or advertisements about the event must include the following language: This event is not sponsored or supported by the Yuma County Library District or any of its branches. The Library does not endorse any views or opinions expressed or activities taking place during this event.

4. Your group is responsible for setting up tables and chairs in the meeting room.

5. Nothing may be fastened or affixed to the walls of the meeting room or on any wall within the library facilities.

6. Decorations, if any, must be approved by the Yuma County Library District Administration Office.

7. If your group has requested use of the meeting room before the library opens, approval must be obtained in advance.

8. A refundable damage deposit is required for all events.

9. All fees must be paid 72 working hours prior to the event.

10. Any changes to your reservation or cancellations must be reported 72 hours in advance.

11. When food and/or beverages are served in the meeting room, your organization is responsible to leave the meeting room clean and in an orderly condition. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the library.

12. The Yuma County Library District DOES NOT provide expendable supplies such as paper, pens, pencils, markers, chalk, erasers, transparencies, tape, coffee supplies, etc.

13. Meetings must be completed 15 minutes prior to the Library’s closing time.

14. Fire Department regulations must be followed. These include no smoking, not blocking exits, and adhering to the number of people allowed in the meeting room.

15. Exterior meeting room doors must remain closed at all times.

16. The Library Rules & Regulations, posted in the meeting room, must be observed at all times.

Revised 2023

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