Y-MS 76 Giss, Harold C

Y-MS 76 Giss, Harold C., 1906-1973 Papers, 1948-1973 
The collection consists of correspondence, legislative minutes, speeches, publications, and personal financial records from Giss’ work of over 23 years in Arizona politics. Highlights include correspondence with distinguished individuals including John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, Morris Udall, and Arizona governors Samuel Goddard and Jack Williams and significant political issues including water resource management, Equal Rights Amendment, and state legislative reapportionment.  
69 Boxes, 33.5 linear ft. 
Gift from Maurice M. Giss in September 1973. 
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Yuma County Library District owns the copyright to this collection. 
The collection was originally processed in 1982 by Chris Fowler and reorganized in June 1998 by William Tackenberg. The scrapbook and photograph series were added in 2013. 
Arranged in 7 series: Correspondence and personal material, 1948-1973. Legislative committee minutes, 1958-1973. Speeches, 1955-1973. Financial records, personal business and travel records, and awards 1955-1973. Printed material, 1952-1973. Scrapbooks, 1954-1966. Photographs.  
Harold C. Giss, Democratic member of the Arizona state legislature and businessman from Yuma, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on February 5, 1906. He was the son of David Giss (18851946) and Katherine Edna (Glazier) Giss (1885-1944), of Vineland, New Jersey. In 1918, the family moved to California, where Giss graduated from Anaheim High School and attended Southwestern University, College of Law, in Los Angeles, for one year. On February 21, 1937 Giss married Goldie 
Pearl Stool (1914-) with whom he fathered three sons: Maurice M. (1941-), Kenneth A. (1945-), and Gerald D. (1947-). Giss was employed by a Los Angeles department store until January, 1938, when he settled in Yuma, Arizona and purchased the Emporium Department Store. In 1944, he expanded his business holdings by acquiring the Toggery Men’s Store in Yuma. 
In 1948, Giss began his twenty-five-year legislative career when he ran successfully for the Arizona House of Representatives from District 6 (mostly Yuma County). In 1950, he was elected to the state Senate, where he served as Majority Leader for twelve years (1954-1966) and Minority Leader for seven years (1966-1973). During his tenure, Giss was chairman of several standing committees, including Judiciary, Appropriations, Public Health and Welfare, State Institutions, and Counties and Municipalities. He was a long-standing member of the Education Committee, the Finance and Revenue Committee, and the Legislative Council. Altogether, Giss served on twenty-four standing committees during his legislative career and was active in promoting a great deal of social legislation, including sponsorship of a bill to emancipate 18 to 21-year-olds. Because of his perseverance in trying to perfect all legislation, Giss earned the nickname, “The Great Amender.” 
Giss also represented Arizona on the National Legislative Conference of the Council of State Governments, and on the National Conference of State Legislative Leaders. He was a life member of the National society of State Legislators. 
In addition to his legislative responsibilities, Giss contributed to many civic projects around Yuma, where he served on several local boards and committees. He was named an honorary member of most of Yuma’s service organizations, including the Elks, Eagles, Kiwanis, and Yuma County Chamber of Commerce. He was vitally interested in the state’s water problems and was chairman of the Lower Colorado River Land Use Committee. He was also a key figure in establishing Arizona Western College in Yuma in 1861. Giss was honored as “Yuma Man of the Year” for 1964-65. 
Guss’ dedication to the state legislature and to the needs of his constituency took its toll on the family business. In 1968, the Emporium closed and Giss filed for bankruptcy. Subsequently, his occupation was listed as “real estate and business consultant.” His avocations included interest in rodeo and aviation. Senator Giss died of a heart attack while attending the Yuma County Fair April 15, 1973. 
Correspondence, political publications, legislative bills, and reports resulting from Giss’ twenty-five years as State Senator and Representative in the Arizona legislature. The collection reflects state and national political issues of the late 1960s and early 1970s including water use, the Equal Rights Amendment, public health and education. 
Approximately half of the collection consists of correspondence with political leaders and constituents of Arizona such as Morris Udall, Carl Hayden, Samuel Goddard and Jack Williams, Yuma mayors, special interest groups, and concerned citizens.  Letters reflect issues concerning education, state revenue measures, retirement and land usage, and general political coordination in the Arizona Legislature from 1948 to 1973. 
The remainder of the collection consists of printed materials, which reinforce the political activities and concerns of Senator and Representative Giss while in the Arizona Legislature including state political publications, candidate lists for elections, and resolution reflects state political activities from 1967 to 1973. A large amount of educational publications reflects Giss’ participation in educational issues and on educational committees for all levels of public school and college levels (1952-1973).  Public health, water resource publications, and various state retirement reports reflect issues which Giss became involved with through legislative committee assignments. Arizona House of Representative bills (1957-1973) and Senate bills (1957-1973) reflect issues of concern to Giss as both the Democratic Majority Leader and later Minority Leader in the Arizona Legislature. Finally, various national and state conference reports and publications correspond to the education, intergovernmental relations, and improvement in state government issues participated in by Giss. 
The papers have been divided into seven series: Correspondence and Personal Material; Legislative Committee Minutes; Speeches; Financial Records, Personal Business and Travel Records, and Awards; Printed Material, Scrapbooks and Photos. 
Series 1, Correspondence and Personal Material contain the heart of the collection and consist of twenty-four boxes (12 linear feet) with materials arranged topically. Giss’ papers (1948-1973) provide letters from constituents and interested parties on political issues confronting the Senator and the Arizona Legislature in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Correspondence includes issues of education, health care, retirement programs for state workers, topics discussed in the Legislative Council, land use and water resources. A large portion of the correspondence concerns communications with other Arizona politicians including state governors on political appointments, revenue issues, legislative reapportionment, and other topics taken up in the legislature. 
Series 2, Minutes from Meetings and Conferences consists of reports and notes from various committees participated in by Giss while in the Arizona Legislature (1958-1973) with four boxes (2 linear feet) of materials arranged topically by committees or organizations. Committees include Finance and Revenue Committee, joint committees from the House of Representatives and Senate, Judiciary Committee, Committee on Water and Natural Resources, Committee on State Retirement, and Legislative Council meetings. 
Series 3, Speeches, in two boxes (1 linear foot) of materials arranged topically includes Giss’ speeches to Arizona Legislature on political issues such as Colorado River land use, cable television, and the Senate calendars (1968-1973). Series also contains drafts of media and community speeches prepared by Giss. In addition, governor speeches to the Arizona Legislature are included from Governors McFarland, Fannin, Goddard, and Williams (1955-1972).  
Series 4, Giss Financial Records and Biographical Materials, composed of two boxes (1 linear foot) of materials arranged topically focus on campaign expenditures, receipts, as well as Giss biographical information, eulogies, and certificates and awards presented to Giss (1955-1973). 
Series 5, Printed Materials, with thirty-two boxes (16 linear feet) arranged by general topical areas covers political publications, pamphlets, legislative bills, newsletters, and conference reports and publications. Materials have been arranged topically into ten subseries. Subseries A: Political Publications and Resolutions, 1960-1973; Subseries B: State Revenues and Taxation, 1953-1973; Subseries C: Education, 1952-1973; Subseries D: Public Health Issues, 1954-1973; Subseries E: Arizona Judiciary Papers, 1958-1971; Subseries F: Arizona Water and Irrigation, 1957-1972; Subseries G: Retirement Programs of Arizona, 1959-1973; Subseries H: Arizona House of Representatives Bills, 1957-1973; Subseries I: Arizona Senate Bills, 1959-1973; Subseries J: National/State Legislative Conferences, Reports, and Publications, 1967-1972.  
Series 6, Scrapbooks, which consist of press news clipping scrapbooks documenting Giss’ public and political career, 1954-1966. 
Series 7, Photographs, with pictures of Giss and distinguished state and national leaders including Harry Truman, Governor Paul Fannin, and Governor Jack Williams. Also included are many photos of unidentified men and women along with Giss at social events.  
Series 1: Correspondence and Personal Material, 1948-1973 
Box 1 
  f.1-17 General Educational Correspondence   
Box 2 
  F.8-11 General Educational Correspondence    Some Undated Materials 1972-9173 
  f.12-13 Medical School Correspondence 1957-1963 
  f.14-15 Junior College Development Correspondence   
  f.16-18 Correspondence with State Superintendent of  1958-1973 
Box 3 
  f.19 Correspondence with State Superintendent of 1965-1972 
  Education 1973 
  f.20-21 Labor Organization Correspondence   
  f.22 Communications with Reference to House Bill 2134 1955-1973 
  on Labor  
  f.23 Communications with Representatives of Railroad 1966-1972 
  Labor Organizations  1959-1964 
  f.24-30 Political (Primarily State) Correspondence  
  Some Undated Materials 
Box 4 
  f.31 Correspondence from or About Carl Hayden  1957-1970 
  f.32 Correspondence with Carl Hayden on Specific Issues  1969-1973 
  f.33-40 Communications Regarding Public Health Care 1954-1973 
  f.41 Mental Health Correspondence  
Box 5 
  f.42 Correspondence Regarding Arizona State Hospital 1956-1972 
  f.43-54 Letters and Communications from Constituents  
Box 6  
  f.55-62 Letters and Communications from Constituents 1969-1971 
Box 7 
  f.63-70 Letters and Communications from Constituents 1971-1973 
Box 8 
  f.71 Letters and Communications from Constituents 1973 
  f.72-76 Letters and Communications from Yuma Constituents 1961-1973 
  f.77 Letters and Communications from Yuma Chamber of 
  Commerce 1971-1972 
  f.78 Letters and Communications from Yuma Clubs and 
  Organizations  1967-1972 
  f.79 Correspondence with Arizona Western College 1971 
  f.80 Correspondence with Yuma Government Officials 1964-1972 
  f.81 Correspondence with Yuma Government Housing and 
  Development Authority 1969  f.82 Communication with Yuma Guidance Clinic  1971 
  f.83 Correspondence with Yuma Military Authorities 1969-1973 
  f.84 Correspondence Regarding the Yuma Port of Entry 
  Station  1970-1971  f.85-86 Correspondence with The Yuma Silver Spur Rodeo 1955-1973 
  f.87-88 Communications with Individuals of the Yuma Environs 1967-1973 
  f.89 Mining Communications 1955-1973 
Box 9 
  f.90-92 Communications Regarding General Revenue Issues  1956-1966 
  f.93 Communications with The Budget Analyst on Revenues 1966 
  f.94-96 Correspondences Regarding General Revenue Issues  1967-1970 
Box 10 
  f.97-99 Correspondence Regarding General Revenue Issues  1971-1973 
  f.100-105 Communications on Water Resources, Irrigation, Use,  
  and Regulations 1955-1973 
Box 11 
Box 12 
  Correspondence with The Legislative Council 1957-1970 
  f.113-114 Correspondence with The Legislative Council  1971-1973 
  f.115 Communications with The Legislative Council Regarding 
  The Committee on Fiscal Review 1967-1970 
  f.116 Correspondence with The Legislative Council Regarding 
  Motor Vehicle Registrations 1970 
  f.117-119 Correspondence on Indian Affairs 1957-1973 
  f.120-122 Correspondence on Highway Development and 
  Traffic Safety  1958-1972  Includes Some Undated Materials 
Box 13 
  f.123-127 Correspondence Regarding Legislative  
  Organizations  1958-1972  f.128 Correspondence with Senator Barry M. Goldwater 1959-1972 
  f.129 Correspondence with Governor Paul J. Fannin 1959-1964 
  f.130 Correspondence with Senator Paul J. Fannin  1967-1972 
  f.131-133 Communications Regarding Judiciary Matters  1959-1969 
Box 14 
  f.134-137 Communications Regarding Judiciary Matters  1970-1972 
  Includes Some Undated Materials 
  f.138-142 Correspondence on Creation of State Retirement 
  System  1959-1971 
Box 15 
  f.143-144 Correspondence on Creation of State Retirement 
  System  1972-1973 
  Includes Some Undated Materials 
  f.145 Correspondence on Insurance Concerns 1959-1972 
  f.146 Correspondence with Insurance Companies 1961-1972 
  f.147 Communications with Arizona Department of Insurance 1969-1973 
  f.148 Communications of The Arizona Legislative Council On 
  Insurance Issues 1970-1972 
  f.149 Communications of The Arizona Legislative Council On 
  Auto Insurance 1970 
  f.150 Communications of The Arizona Legislative Council On 
  Self Insurance  1970 
  f.151 Correspondence Regarding Medical Insurance  1968-1970 
  f.152 Communications with Building Contractors 1959-1973 
  f.153 Correspondence Regarding Land Use on Wildlife and Parks 1956-1972 
  f.154 Correspondence Regarding Land Use and the Interstate 
  Stream Commission 1958-1964 
  f.155 Correspondence Regarding Land Use and Uniform Laws 
  and Uniform Commercial Code 1959-1970  f.156 Communications on General Land Use 1959-1973 
  f.157 Communications on Land Use and The State Land 
  Department 1959-1973 
f.158 Communications on Land Use with The Arizona Game 
and Fish Department  1959-1966 
f.159 Communications on Land Use and the Imperial National 
Wildlife Refuge 1959-1972 
Box 16 
  f.160 Communications on Land Use and the U.S. Department 
  of Interior     1967-1968, 1972 
  f.161 Communications on Land Use and the River Park Project 1969-1972 
  f.162 Communications on Land Use and the Cabeza Prieta 
  Game Range  1971 
  f.163 Correspondence on Prison Reform 1959-1973 
  f.164 Correspondence on the Temperature Corrections Act 1965 
  f.165-168 Communications on Racing 1959-1972 
  f.169 Communications of the Auditor’s Report on Racing  1969-1970 
  f.170 Correspondence on Dog Racing 1969-1972 
  f.171-173 Correspondence with the Arizona Industrial 
  Commission 1959-1972 
  f.174-175 Correspondence with the Industrial Commission of 
  Arizona  1967-1972 
  f.176 Correspondence with the Arizona Corporation  
Commission 1959-1965, 1970-1971 
  f.177 Correspondence with John F. Kennedy 1960 
  f.178-180 Communications Regarding Governor Appointments 1960-1971 
Box 17 
  F.181-183 Communications Regarding Governor Appointments 1972-1973 
  Includes Undated Materials and Nominee Listings 
  f.184 Correspondence Regarding Liquor 1960-1973 
  f.185 Communication on the Arizona State Fair 1960-1967 
  f.186 Communications on Planning and Building Construction 1960-1969 
  f.187-189 Correspondence Regarding Oil and Gas Resources 1960-1964 
  f.190 Correspondence with Congressman Morris K. Udall      1959, 1961-1973 
  f.191-193 Correspondence Associated with Issues of Public 
  Welfare 1960-1973 
  f.194 Communication by the Legislative Council on Public 
  Welfare 1969  f.195 Correspondence Associated with Child Day Care Bill  1965 
  f.196 Correspondence with Arizona Department of Public 
  Welfare 1970-1971 
  f.197 Communication on Certification of Psychologists for  
  Public Welfare  1961-1969 
Box 18 
  f.198-200 Communication on Real Estate Investment and 
  Opportunities  1961-1973 
  f.201 Correspondence Regarding Veterans Job Training     1962, 1965, 1968 
  f.202 Correspondence Regarding Veterans Rehabilitation 1968-1972 
  f.203 Correspondence Regarding Veterans Service Organizations 1969-1970 
  f.204 Correspondence with Arizona Veterans’ Service Commission 1970, 1972 
  f.205 Communications with Individual Veterans on Specific 
  Issues and Concerns       1963-1964, 1971 
  f.206 Drug Abuse Correspondence            1962, 1966, 1968-1973 
  f.207 Communication on Drug Abuse Legislation          1962, 1968-1971 
  f.208 Communication on Consumer Affairs          1962, 1968-1972 
  f.209 Arizona League of Cities and Towns Communication  1962-1963 
  f.210-211 Correspondence Concerning Reapportionment 1963-1972 
  Includes Undated Materials 
  f.212 Correspondence with George F. Senner, Jr. 1964-1965 
  f.213 Correspondence with Congressman John J. Rhodes       1959, 1964, 1972  
  f.214 Communication on Motor Vehicle Operations              1948, 1964-1971 
  f.215 Communication on Motor Vehicle Installment Sales 
  Laws        1959-1960  f.216 Communication on Motor Vehicle Registration Reform 1960-1972 
  f.217 Communication on Motor Vehicle Repair Legislation 1960 
Box 19 
  f.218 Communication on Motor Vehicle Tax and Permits      1961-1967 
  f.219 Correspondence on Motor Vehicle Legislation 1963-1973 
  f.220-222 Correspondence on State Salaries and Employment 1965-1972 
  f.223 Correspondence Regarding State Court Interpreters  1962 
  f.224 Communication with Surplus Property Agency 1965 
  f.225 Correspondence with Governor Samuel P. Goddard  1965-1966 
  f.226-227 Communication Regarding Agriculture 1960-1973 
  f.228 General Correspondence Regarding Abortion  1966-1969 
  f.229 Correspondence with Support for Legalized Abortion 1967-1972 
  f.230 Correspondence with Opposition to Legalized Abortion 1969-1972  f231-232 Mailing Lists 1966-1973  f.233 Communication on Election Reform  1966-1971 
Box 20 
  f.234 Correspondence on Civil Defense and Emergency  
Planning                   1966, 1968-1970 
  f.235 General Correspondence on Civil Defense           1959, 1961, 1966-1973 
  f.236 Correspondence with Governor Jack Williams  1967-1973 
  f.237 Correspondence with Congressman Sam Steiger 1967, 1971 
  f.238-241 Communication Dealing with Platten Property-Appraisal, 
  Reports, with a U.S.G.S. Map, c. 1952  1967-1968  f.242 Communication on Mass Transit 1967-1972 
  f.243 Correspondence with Vice-President Hubert Humphrey 1968, 1971 
f.244 Communication on the Issue of Voting for Eighteen Year 
 Old Individuals      1968-1972 f.245 Correspondence Regarding Consumer Credit Legislation 1959-1970 
f.246-248 Communications on Pollution and the Environment 1959-1973 
f.249 Correspondence Dealing with Telecommunication Issues 1969-1970 
f.250 Correspondence in Support of Equal Rights Amendment 1972-1973 
Box 21 
f.251 Correspondence Against Equal Rights Amendment 1972-1973 
  f.252 Communications on Aging 1960-1973 
  f.253 Correspondence on Convention Centers 1964-1973 
  f.254 Communication on Credit Unions 1963-1965 
  f.255 Correspondence on Motor Vehicles and Roads 1959-1972 
  f.256 Communication with Various Women’s Groups 1964-1971 
  f.257 Correspondence from Groups on The United Nations 1966-1968 
  f.258 Mail Associated With “Spiritual Mobilization”  1959 
  f.259 Correspondence on Public Defender Bill (House Bill: 
  137 and Senate Bill 42)  1964 
  f.260 Communication Regarding the Prisoner of War  
  Dedication Program 1972 
  f.261 Communication from Various Educational Interest 
  Groups       1960-1972  f.262 Correspondence on Consumer Bill (House Bill: 102)  1969-1970 
  f.263 Correspondence Regarding Aliens’ Rights 1952-1969 
  f.264 Communication with Arizona Historical Society 1962-1964 
  f.265 Correspondence with Arizona National Guard 1956-1972 
  f.266 Communication from Concerned Citrus Growers       1959, 1968-1969 
  f.267 Communication on the Colorado River Boundaries 1955-1963 
  f.268 Communication from Conservatives of America 1960 
Box 22 
  f.269-277 Miscellaneous Correspondence 1955-1969 
Box 23 
  f.278-285 Miscellaneous Correspondence 1970-1972 
Box 24  
  f.286-287 Miscellaneous Correspondence 1972-1973 
  f.288 Eccentric Correspondence Received  1965-1972 
Series 2: Minutes from Meetings and Conferences, 1958-1973 
  f.289 Highway and Traffic Committees 1958-1972 
f.290 Planning and Building Commission 1959-1965 
f.291 State Board of Public Welfare  1961-1969 
f.292-294 Senate Committee on Finance and Revenue 1969-1972 
Box 25 
  f.295 Senate Committee on Finance and Revenue 1973 
  f.296 Joint Meeting of House Ways and Means Committee and 
  Senate Finance and Revenue Committee     1963, 1970-1971  f.297 Joint Select Committee on Valuation and Taxation 1972-1973 
  f.298 Revenue and Taxation Committee Meetings  1963-1973 
  f.299 Reapportionment Committee Meetings 1964, 1969 
  Includes Undated Materials 
  f.300 Joint Meeting of Redistricting and Reapportioning Study 
  Committee 1965 
  f.301-302 Arizona State Senate Committee on Education 1965-1973 
Box 26 
  f.303-305 Joint House-Senate Education Study Committee 1967-1968 
  f.306 Joint Committee on Junior College Financing  1971 
  f.307 Crime Commissions       1967, 1969-1970  
  f.308-310 Judiciary Committee Meetings  1969-1972 
  f.311 Meeting Related to Senate Bill 31 (Mining) 1967 
  f.312 Interim Committee on Water and Natural Resources  1969 
  f.313-314 Legislative Council Committee Meetings on  
  State Retirement 1969 
Box 27 
  f.315 Legislative Council Committee Meeting on State 
  Retirement 1969-1970 
  f.316 Joint Hearing on Air Pollution Control 1969 
  f.317 Legislative Council Committee Meeting on Election 
  Law Reform 1969-1970 
  f.318 Legislative Council Committee Meeting on Consumerism 1969 
  f.319 Governmental Affairs Committee 1971, 1973 
  f.320 Western Conference Committee on Business and Commerce 1971 
  f.321 Legislative Council Committee Meeting on State Insurance 
  Practices 1971-1972 
  f.322 House and Senate Simple Conference Committee on 
  Eighteen-Year-Old Emancipation 1972  f.323 Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Environment 1973 
Series 3: Speeches: Senator Giss and Others, 1955-1972 
f.324-326 Giss Voting Explanation and Senate Calendars 1968-1973 
f.327 Colorado River Land Use Plan  1968, 1970 
f.328 Cable Television 1972 
f.329 Miscellaneous Giss Speeches  1965-1973 
Includes Undated Materials 
f.330 Miscellaneous Giss Legislative Speeches 1960-1970 
f.331 Media and Community Speeches (Some Drafts) 1955-1971  Includes Undated Materials 
Box 28  
  f.332 Governor McFarland’s Speeches to Legislature 1955-1958 
  f.333 Governor Fannin’s Speeches to Legislature 1959-1964 
  f.334 Governor Goddard’s Speeches to Legislature  1965-1966 
  f.335 Governor William’s Speeches to Legislature 1967-1972 
Series 4: Giss Financial Records and Biographical Materials, 1955-1975 
  f.336 Campaign Expenditures 1967-1972 
  f.337 Receipts 1955, 1972 
  f.338 Giss Biographical Materials 1972-1973 
  f.339 Giss Eulogies  1973 
  f.340 Giss Business and Calling Cards No Date 
  f.341 State ID for Trip to Mexico 1971 
  f.342 Certificates of Achievement and Recognition    1963-1973 
  f.343 Awards 1973, 1975 
  f.344 Datebooks and Appointment Calendar 1968-1970 
  f.345 Senate Calendar 1972 
  f.346 Giss Personal Business Records 1970-1972  
Box 29 
  f.347 Giss Legal Testimonial  1960 
Series 5: Printed Materials, 1952-1973 
  Subseries A: Political Publications and Resolutions, 1960-1973 
  f.348 Indian Tribes Resolutions 1960, 1971 
  f.349 Railroad Resolutions  1959-1962 
  f.350 Miscellaneous Resolutions 1959-1964 
  Includes Undated Materials 
  f.351 House and Senate Conference Committee Proposals  1972 
  f.352 Lists of Arizona Political Candidates  1968-1972 
  f.353 Arizona Election Return Lists  1968 
  f.354 Democratic National Committee Campaign Materials  1972 
  f.355 Miscellaneous Arizona Democratic Party Materials 1972 
  f.356-357 Political Publications (Newsletters) 1967-1972 
f.358 Political Publications (Individual Candidates)  1967-1973 
Includes Undated Materials 
f.359 Political Invitations and Questionnaires                 1960, 1968-1972  
Includes Undated Materials 
f.360 Political Publications (Miscellaneous Reports)  1968-1972 
f.361 Governor Jack Williams Recall Attempt 1972 
Subseries B: State Revenues and Taxation, 1953-1973 
Box 30 
  f.362 Tax Reassessment and Relief  1961-1972 
  f.363 Tax Valuations and Review Proposals  1954-1972 
  f.364 Tax Category Information 1953-1970 
  (Sales, Income, Property, Tobacco, Etc) 
  f.365 State Revenue and Proposed State Fiscal Office 1965-1972 
Box 31 
  f.366  Tax Data and Classification Systems  1965-1969 
  f.367 Tax Reports on Arizona Finance 1971-1972 
  f.368 Revenue Sharing Measures and Appropriations Report    1953, 1970-1973 
  f.369 Federal Aid to State and Arizona Projected Income 1969-1970 
  f.370 Federal Revenue Sharing Pamphlets and Governor’s 
  Committee on Taxation Reports No Date 
Box 32 
  f.371 Federal Funds for Arizona Report (1973) And Tax 
  Policies and Proposals            1959, 1969-1970 
  f.372 Tax Commission Reports and County Expenditures  1960-1972 
  f.373 State Funding Reports  1959-1968 
  f.374 Tax Reports from State Agencies and Annual Report 
  of Tax Commission (1969) 1965,1969 
  f.375 Auditor General Report-1973 and Mobile Home 
  Taxation Issues      1965-1973  f.376 Public Utilities Taxation     1964-1970 
Box 33 
  f.377 Revenues and Proposals 1966, 1973 
  f.378 Sales Tax and Valuation Statements 1968-1973 
  f.379 Appropriations Report (1971-1972); Multistate Tax 
  Compact Publications  1969-1971 
  f.380 Tax Revenue Reports (1969-1970) 1971 
  f.381 Property Appraisal Report (1966) 1966 
  Subseries C: Education, 1952-1973 
Box 34 
f.382 Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education 
Annual Reports (1959, 1961, 1962, 1971, 1972)  
f.383 WICHE: Report to The Governor-Arizona Student 1958 
Exchange Program                       1967-1968, 1972 
  f.384 WICHE: Workshop Conference (1971) 1971 
  f.385 WICHE: Conference Reports on Higher Education        1959, 1967-1968 
  f.386 WICHE: Pamphlets on Higher Education 
  WICHE Newsletter: Report on Higher Education 1967-1971 
Box 35 
  f.387 Report on Higher Education (1971) Pamphlets on 
  Importance of Higher Education 1957, 1970 
  f.388 Annual Reports on Junior Colleges 1958, 1963, 
  f.389 Educational Financial Reports   
  f.390 Development of Arizona Junior College System 
  f.391 Pamphlets and Information on Junior Colleges 
Box 36 
  f.392 College Education: General Pamphlets and Programs  1960-1972 
  f.393 College Education: Northern Arizona University 1969-1973 
  f.394 College Education: Arizona State University  1966-1971 
  f.395 College Education: University of Arizona 1958-1973 
  f.396 College Education: University of Arizona-Medical 
  f.397 College Education: Arizona Finance and Enrollments  1967-1970 
  f.398 College Education: Arizona Educational System 1959-1970 
Box 37 
  f.399 Financing Education: “Public School Education In 
  Arizona” David B. Kret 1972 
  f.400 Financing Education: Financing Public Education- 
  f.401 Financing Education: Arizona Educational Funding  
  Reports and Information 1959-1966 
  f.402 Financing Education: 1967-1971 
  f.403 Financing Education: 1972-1973 
Box 38 
  f.404 Education: Arizona Kindergartens 1960-1971 
  f.405 Education: Driver’s Education  1959-1971 
  f.406 Compact: Review of Education             1961-1972 (Not Inclusive) 
  f.407 Educational Newsletters (National) 1958-1973 
  f.408 Educational Newsletters (National) 1967-1973 
Box 39 
  f.409 Education Newsletters (Arizona) 1959-1973 
  f.410 Educational Newsletters (Arizona) 1959-1973 
  f.411 Special/Handicapped Education 1959-1972 
  f.412 Legislative Proposals on Educational Issues 1959-1973 
  f.413 Career Education 1968-1973 
Box 40 
  f.414 Concern for Education Letters/Proposals/Issues 1960-1972 
  f.415 Technical Education  1965-1971 
  f.416 Private Education 1952-1969 
  f.417 Improvement of Education Nationally  1955-1972 
  f.418 Improving Arizona Education for the Future  1959-1973 
Box 41 
  f.419 Educational Curriculum Concerns 1955-1973 
  f.420 Educational Test and Testing  1969-1971 
  f.421 Reading Tests  1971-1973 
  f.422 Educational Administration and Management  1955-1973 
  f.423 Speeches on Education 1962-1972 
  f.424 National Reports on Education 1970-1972 
f.425 Teachers and Education 1955-1973 
Box 42 
  f.426 Educational Funding for Teachers and Schools 1959-1971 
  f.427 State Controlled Higher Education in Arizona Report 1954 
  f.428 Arizona Statistics/Reports on Education 1957-1973 
Box 43 
  f.429 Arizona School Enrollment Statistics  1964-1968 
  f.430 Court Cases Involving Education 1968-1969 
  f.431 School District Re-Organization 1972 
Box 44 
  Subseries D: Public Health Issues, 1954-1973 
  f.432  State Plan for Health Services  1971 
  f.433  Public Health Legislation in Arizona  1961-1972 
  f.434 Government Reports on Public Health Issues              1958, 1970, 1972 
  f.435 Optometry Issues and Information 1963-1964 
f.436 Dental programs and Issues 1962, 1966 
f.437 Medical Finance and Expenditure Reports           1961, 1969-1972 
f.438 Medical Assistance for Elderly  1966 
  f.439 Medical Sanatoriums and Tuberculosis 1953-1963 
  f.440 Disabled/Crippled Individuals  1966, 1972 
  f.441 “Emergency Medical Services in Arizona” 1971 
  f.442 Medical Training and Education 1957-1968 
Box 45 
  f.443 Mental Health Reports  1954-1971 
  f.444 Mental Health Programs and Education 1954-1969 
  f.445 Mental Retardation Reports and Education       1965, 1966, 1971 
  f.446 Arizona Medical Newsletters  1964-1972 
Box 46 
  Subseries E: Arizona Judiciary Papers, 1958-1971 
  f.447 Reform Enactment’s on Crime and Law Enforcement 1966-1971 
  f.448 Criminal Justice and Crime Study Reports 1968-1971 
  f.449 Studies and Summaries for Judicial Changes 1958, 1964 
  f.450 Arizona Judicial System Statistics, Reports, Information 1964-1967 
Box 47 
  Subseries F: Arizona Water and Irrigation, 1957-1972 
  f.451 Statements and Information Presented to Arizona 
  Legislature on Water Resource Usage    1969-1972  f.452 Arizona Water Resource Reports    1957-1972 
  f.453 Colorado River Water Reports  1961-1971 
Box 48 
  Subseries G: Retirement Programs of Arizona, 1959-1973 
  f.454 The Arizona State Retirement Program 1968-1973 
  f.455 Actuation Valuation Reports  1971-1973 
  f.456 Retirement Programs for Specific State Agencies       1959, 1969-1971 
  f.457 Arizona State Retirement Reports 1968-1971 
Box 49 
  Subseries H: Arizona House of Representatives Bills, 1957-1973 
  f.458 25th Legislative  1957-1962 
  f.459 26th Legislature 1963-1964 
  f.460 27th Legislature 1965-1966 
  f.461 28th Legislature 1967-1968 
  f.462 29th Legislature-First Session (1969) H.B. 1-99 
  f.463 29th Legislature-1st Session (1969) H.B. 124-333) 
  f.464 29th Legislature-2nd Session (1970) H.B. 14-165 
Box 50 
  f.465 29th Legislature-2nd Session (1970) H.B. 271-398 
  f.466 29th Legislature-Special Sessions (1970)  
  f.467 30th Legislature-1st Session (1971) 
  f.468 30th Legislature-2nd Session (1972) 
  f.469 30th Legislature-2nd Session (1972) 
  f.470 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) H.C.R. 2007-H.B. 2019 
  f.471 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) H.B. 2020-2045 
Box 51 
f.472 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) H.B. 2055-2135 
  f.473 Unnumbered Draft Bills: 
Taxation, County and State Employees, Public Lands, Public Officers,             Public 
Finance, Motor Vehicles  1964-1970 
  f.474 Unnumbered Draft Bills:  
  Taxation       Dec 14-18, 1970 
  f.475 Unnumbered Draft Bills: 
  Taxation               Dec 18, 1970 – Jan 6, 1971 
  Subseries I: Arizona Senate Bills, 1959-1973 
Box 52 
  f.476 24th Legislature (1959-1960) 
  f.477 25th Legislature 
f.478 26th Legislature-1st Session (1963) 
f.479 26th Legislature-2nd Session 
f.480 27th Legislature-1st Session (1965) 
f.481    27th Legislature-2nd Session & Special Session (1966) 
f.482 28th Legislature-1st Session (1967) S.B. 1-195 
f.483 28th Legislature-1st Session (1967) Draft Bills 
Box 53 
f.484 28th Legislature-2nd Session (1968) S.C.R. 1-S.B. 97 
f.485 28th Legislature-2nd Session (1968) S.B. 106-194 
f.486 28th Legislature-2nd Session (1968) S.B. 202-241 
f.487 28th Legislature-2nd Session (1968) S.B. 244-4 
f.488 29th Legislature-1st Session (1969) S.C.R. 1 – S.B. 48 
f.489 29th Legislature-1st Session (1969) S.B. 51-87 
f.490 29th Legislature-1st Session (1969) S.B. 89-122
Box 54 
f.491 29th Legislature-1st Session (1969) S.B. 124-172 
f.492 29th Legislature-1st Session (1969) S.B. 178-227 
f.493 29th Legislature-2nd Session (1970) S.C.R. 17-S.B. 238 
f.494 29th Legislature-2nd Session (1969-1970) Draft Bills 
f.495 29th Legislature-Special Session (1969) 
f.496 30th Legislature-1st Session (1970-1971) S.C.M. 3 – S.B. 150 
f.497 30th Legislature-1st Session (1971) S.B. 164-323 
Box 55 
f.498 30th Legislature-1st Session (1970-1971) Draft Bills 
f.499 30th Legislature-2nd Session (1972) S.J.R. 1001-S.B. 1018 
f.500 30th Legislature-2nd Session (1972) S.B. 1019-1097 
f.501     30th Legislature-2nd Session (1972) (S.B. 1104-1143) 
f.502 30th Legislature-2nd Session (1972) (S.B. 1161-1189) 
f.503 30th Legislature-2nd Session (1972) (S.B. 1202-1288) 
Box 56 
f.504 30th Legislature-2nd Session (1972) (S.B. 1289-1326) 
f.505 30th Legislature-2nd Session (1971-1972) Draft Bills 
f.506 30th Legislature-Special Session (1971) 
f.507 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.R. 1001-S.B.1026) 
f.508 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1008-1017) 
f.509 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1019) 
f.510 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1019) 
Box 57 
f.511 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1021-1026) 
f.512 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1027-1049) 
f.513 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1050-1060) 
f.514 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1064-1086) 
f.515 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1087-1090) 
f.516 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1091-1096) 
Box 58 
f.517 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1101-1110) 
f.518 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1112-1153) 
f.519 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1140-1165) 
f.520 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1167-1197) 
f.521 31st Legislature-1st Session (1973) (S.B. 1201-1237) 
Box 59 
  Subseries J: National/State Legislative Conferences, Reports, and Publications, 19671972 
  f.522 National Legislative Conferences (Correspondence and Reports) 1971–1972 
  f.523-526 Reports and Conference Papers from Council of  
State Governments       1955-1970  
Box 60 
  f.527 Proposed Agendas for Upcoming Meetings of  
Council of State Governments  1970 
  f.528 Reports and Conference Papers from Council  
of State Governments  1971 
  f.528 Proposed Agendas for May Meeting of Council  
of State Governments Meeting 1972 
  f.529 Newsletters Containing Information on State   Government and Legislative Issues: 
  “Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations”    
  “Arizona News Service”            
  “The League of Arizona Cities and Towns”           “League of Women Voters Legislation Newsletter”           f.530 Newsletters on State Government and Legislative Issues: 
  “Arizona” Department of Economic Planning and Development     
  “Ideas for Arizona Communities”  
  “Yuma County Chamber of Commerce: Legislative Briefs”  
  “Arizona Association of Counties”  
  “Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Legislative Bulletin”  
  “State Government Administration”   
Box 61 
f.531 Reports and Conference Publications from Advisory  
Commission on Intergovernmental Relations  1970-1971 
  f.532 Publications, Meeting Notes, and Reports on Various  
State Government Topics 1963, 1967 
  f.533 Publications, Meeting Notes, and Reports on Various  
State Government Topics 1968-1969 
  f.534 Publications, Meeting Notes, and Reports on Various   
  State Government Topics 1970-1971 
  f.535 Publications, Meeting Notes, and Reports on Various  
State Government Topics 1972-1973 
Series 6: Scrapbooks, 194-54-1966 Box 62 
f.1 Scrapbook January 1954 
f.2 Scrapbook January 1955 
f.3 Scrapbook February 1955 
f.4  Scrapbook March 1955 
f.5 Scrapbook April-October 1955 
f.6 Scrapbook November-December 1955 
f.7 Scrapbook January-February 1956 
f.8 Scrapbook March-April 1956 
Box 63 
f.1 Scrapbook May-August 1956 
f.2 Scrapbook September-December 1956 
f.3 Scrapbook January-February 1957 
f.4  Scrapbook February-December 1957 
f.5 Scrapbook January-February 1958 
f.6 Scrapbook March-June 1958 
f.7 Scrapbook June-December 1958 
Box 64 
f.1 Scrapbook January-February 1959 
f.2 Scrapbook March-June 1959 
f.3 Scrapbook July-December 1959 
f.4  Scrapbook January 1960 
f.5 Scrapbook February 1960 
f.6 Scrapbook March 1960 
f.7 Scrapbook April-July 1960 
f.8 Scrapbook August-December 1960 
Box 65 
f.1 Scrapbook January-March 1961 
f.2 Scrapbook April-July 1961 
f.3 Scrapbook August-December 1961 
f.4  Scrapbook January-March 1962 
f.5 Scrapbook April-December 1962 
Box 66 
f.1 Scrapbook January-February 1963 
f.2 Scrapbook March-April 1963 
f.3 Scrapbook May-December 1963 
f.4  Scrapbook January-February 1964 
f.5 Scrapbook March-April 1964 
f.6 Scrapbook May-December 1964 
Box 67 
f.1 Scrapbook January-February 1965 
f.2 Scrapbook March-April 1965 
f.3 Scrapbook May-June 1965 
f.4  Scrapbook August-December 1965 
Box 68 
f.1 Scrapbook January-February 1966 
f.2 Scrapbook March-April 1966 
Series 7: Photographs Box 69 
f.1 Portraits of Harold Giss. Includes other politicians such as  
Wesley Bolin, Harry Truman, Burton S. Barr, Sam Goddard,  Stewart Udall, Jack Williams, Paul Fannin, Carl Hayden, and  various civic leaders and businessmen. Also includes images of  
Morales Dam ceremony, visiting the Yuma Proving Grounds,  
Yuma Silver Spur Rodeo, and various awards dinners.  1950s – 1970s 
  f.2 Portraits of Harold Giss.  
Also includes photographs of Jack Williams 1960s – 1970s  
  f.3 United States Marine Corps 185th Birthday Ceremony  November 1960 


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