Yuma Media Collection

TITLE:  Yuma Media Collection 

DATE RANGE:   1966-2010



PROVENANCE:  Multiple donors and creators.

COPYRIGHT:   Unknown.

RESTRICTIONS: This collection is unrestricted.   

CREDIT LINE: Yuma Media Collection, Y-MC 1, Yuma County Library District

PROCESSED BY: Linda Whitaker, October 2015

HISTORICAL NOTE:   Some of this material was recorded by the AHS - Rio Colorado Division for educational purposes or to document field trips and special projects.  Several appear to be duplicates of items already included in the oral history collections.  The Hanrath and Hopkins CDs appear to be oral histories neither of which were included in the YPG or Yuma Oral History Collections.    


Consists of VHS cassettes tapes, reel to reel tapes, CDs and DVDs. Arranged by format and alphabetically within. Condition is unknown.


Box Item Title Dates
1 1 VHS:  Arizona Railroading n.d.
  2 VHS:  Bullfighting-Nogales 1993
  2a VHS:  Bullfighting-San Luis n.d.
  3 VHS:  Century House 1987
  4 VHS:  Cibola-Louie Bishop’s Place n.d.
  5 VHS:  Hodges, Isaac (Buster) 1 of 2  

           (see also Oral History Collection)

  6 VHS:  Hodges, Isaac (Buster) 2 of 2  

            (see also Oral History Collection)

  7 VHS:  Immigration Rallies – Yuma Courthouse 2003
  8 VHS:  Polhamus, Jim II   

           (see also Oral History Collection)

  9 VHS:  Polhamus, John   

           (see also Oral History Collection)

  10 VHS:  Polhamus, Isaac   

           (see also Oral History Collection)

  11 VHS:  St. Thomas Bell 1988
  12 VHS:  Strawberry School House Fence Project 1997
  13 VHS:  Tanners, Indian Baskets 1987
  14 VHS:  The Old Plank Roads n.d.
  15 VHS:  Tumco Mine 1990 
  16 VHS:  Winsor, Mulford (Mud) - Interviews 2001
  17 VHS:  Yuma City Council-AZ Brass Bands 2001
  18 VHS:  Yuma Travel Show n.d. 
  19 CD:    Busboys Interview 2007
  20 CD:    Hanrath, Alton-2nd Calvary n.d.
  21 CD:    Hopkins, Hallie n.d.
  22 CD:    Railroad Reunion n.d.
  23 CD:    Railroad Reunion –Radio Promos n.d.
  24 DVDCamino del Diablo n.d.
  25 DVD:  SB 1070-Arizona Western College 2010
  26 7” Reel-to-ReelDedication Mr. Carlisle 1966
  27 7” Reel-to-Reel:  Jaycee Installation n.d.
  28 7” Reel-to-Reel:  Somerton History-Tall Tales PTA n.d.
  29 8mm Film: Yuma Parade n.d.
2 1 Lacquer (Acetate) Disc: Salute to Loyal C. Stahl Part 1 and Part 3 n.d.
  2 Lacquer (Acetate) Disc: Salute to Loyal C. Stahl  


  3 Lacquer (Acetate) Disc:  Sanguinetti Days  Part One and Part Three 1948
  4 Lacquer (Acetate) Disc:  Sanguinetti Days  Part Two and Part Four 1948
  5 Lacquer (Acetate) Disc:  Sanguinetti Days Part Six 1948
  6 Lacquer (Acetate) Disc:  Sanguinetti Days   Part Five and Part Seven 1948
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