Yuma Water Users Association Collection

TITLE: Yuma Water Users Association Collection 

DATE RANGE: 1903 - 1987


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 6 boxes (3 linear feet)



RESTRICTIONS: This collection is unrestricted.   

CREDIT LINE: Yuma Water Users Association, Y-MS10, Yuma County Library District

PROCESSED BY:  Benjamin Findley, July 2013 


The Yuma Water Users Association is an organization dealing with water issues in the Yuma area. It was originally organized in 1903 shortly after the Reclamation Act was passed by the United States Congress. The Association was originally created as a non- profit to represent its members in negotiations with the Bureau of Reclamation. In 1904 Congress created the Yuma Project under the Bureau of Reclamation with the intention of making the Yuma area more agriculturally profitable. Towards this end, construction was begun on Laguna Dam in 1905. Water diversion to the Yuma area was handled by Laguna Dam until 1941, when the diversion point for Yuma was switched to Imperial Dam. Through a contract with the Bureau of Reclamation in 1951, the Yuma Water Users Association assumed control of the works and facilities of the Yuma Project including both irrigation and power generating facilities. In 1962, a supplemental contract was signed giving the Association control of the Siphon Drop Power Plant and its various facilities such as transmission lines and irrigation works in California.


Comprised of seven series.

Series I: Correspondence

Includes correspondence not only between the Association and various federal officials, but also letters between the Association and U. S. Senator Carl Hayden and Mulford Winsor II the Arizona State Senate President, 1920-1928. Winsor represented Yuma County and was a leader in Colorado River water policy and legislation of that era.  The original file headings and filing order were retained. 

Series II: Documents

Contains an inventory of documents held by the Yuma Water Users Association. Includes copies of the Articles of Incorporation from several different years as well as early trust deeds.

Series III: Finance

Contains checking register books covering the Association’s expenditures from 1932 to 1950. Also includes stock share certificates from the Yuma Water Users Association   and a private irrigation company.

Series IV: News Clippings

Contains news clippings about the Association and its various activities.

Series V: Photographs 

Includes photos of various irrigation works and related that the Association controlled   

Series VI: Publications

Contains Annual Reports published by the Yuma Water Users Association from the time they assumed control of the Yuma Project works in 1951, to the 75th anniversary of the completion of the Laguna Dam in 1987. Also includes informational booklets from several sources covering a variety of water issues and a number of pamphlets and newsletters involving water concerns of both Arizona and California.

Series VII: Wage Stabilization Board

This series contains newsletters and informational missives issued by the United States Wage Stabilization board in the early 1950s.


Box Folder Title Dates
1 1 Correspondence: Federal Reclamation Projects 1932 – 1949
  2 Correspondence: General (Miscellaneous business and personal letters) 1951 – 1981, N.D.
  3 Correspondence: Geological Survey 1923 – 1925
  4 Correspondence: Homesteading 1909
  5 Correspondence: Imperial Irrigation District 1919 – 1948
  6 Correspondence: Inter-State Colorado River Agreement 1921 – 1925
  7 Correspondence: Inter-State Colorado River Agreement 1925 – 1929, n.d.
2 1 Correspondence: Levee Legislation 1941 – 1950
  2 Correspondence: National Reclamation Association 1920 – 1960
  3 Correspondence: Reclamation Fund Reimbursement 1932 – 1955
  4 Correspondence: War Time Operations 1940 – 1943
  5 Documents: General (Certificates and Excerpts from contracts and books) 1904 – 1933, n.d.
  6 Documents: Inventory of YWUA records at the Association Office n.d.
  7 Documents: Salt River Valley Water Users Association Articles of Incorporation and By-laws 1930 – 1947
  8 Documents: Trust Deeds 1903 – 1905
  9 Documents: Yuma Valley Reclamation Project 1913, n.d.
  10 Documents: Yuma Water Users Association Articles of Incorporation and By-laws 1904 – 1919
  10a Documents:  Yums County Water Users’ Association Golden Anniversary 1962
  11 Finance: Bills (Personal) 1956
  12 Finance: Check register 1925 – 1934
  13 Finance: Check register 1933 – 1936
  14 Finance: Checks register 1936 – 1938
3 1 Finance: Check register 1938 – 1940
  2 Finance: Check register 1941 – 1943
  3 Finance: Check register 1943 – 1945
4 1 Finance: Check register 1945 – 1947
  2 Finance: Check register 1947 – 1949
  3 Finance: Check register 1949
5 1 Finance: Check register 1950
  2 Finance: Stock shares 1901 – 1913
  3 News Clippings 1931 – 1986
  4 Photos: General (Unidentified Irrigation works and various images of people) n.d.
  5 Photos: Yuma Mesa   n.d.
  6 Photos: “Westover and Mansfield” (not portraits) 1955
  7 Publications: Annual Reports 1951 – 1962
  8 Publications: Annual Reports 1962 – 1987
  9 Publications: Bureau of Reclamation booklets 1963 – 1966
6 1 Publications: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California 1966
  2 Publications: Yuma Water Users Association 1960
  3 Publications: Newsletters, Pamphlets 1948 – 1959, n.d.
  4 U.S. Wage Stabilization Board Documents (1 of 3) 1950 – 1952
  5 U.S. Wage Stabilization Board Documents (2 of 3) 1952
  6 U.S. Wage Stabilization Board Documents (3 of 3) 1952 – 1953, n.d.


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