Anime Club

Every Saturday at 10a.m. the Main Library will celebrate Anime.  Come make friends, watch Anime, and discuss your favorites!  Join us as we design the new club logo!


  1. Shion Kaito |

    i will participate in this event cause i love anime

  2. Awesome Shion! We will actually be resuming our anime club starting the first week of September. If you are interested in more information, email me at Thanks!

  3. i cant wait for the club to open im super hyper for it to open soon

  4. how often are the cosplays?

    • We don’t cosplay as often as we would like BUT! Starting in September we will be hosting our Nerd Days Thursdays where we watch ‘nerdy’ shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock. The best dressed fan wins a prize and there will be some awesome crafts and activities. You should be there!! -Lauren

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