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English and World Languages

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Hot Paper Topics

Free Classics

A+ Research and Writing

Library Online Resources: Literacy Reference Center, Literature Resource Center, Salem Literature.

Math and Sciences

Web Math

Science Fair Central

Cool Math

Library Online Resources: Science Reference Center, Science in Context, Salem Science. 

History and Social Studies

Pros and Cons

Eyewitness to History

Country Profiles

Indepth History

Library Online Resources: Bibliography of Native North Americans, Biography Reference Center, History Reference Center, Culture Grams, Global Issues in Context, Salem History.

PE and Health

Health Pyramid

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Teens Health

Library Online Resources: Alt Health Watch, Consumer Health Complete, Health & Wellness Resource Center.

Homework Resources

Quiz Hub

Homework Spot


BJ Pinchbeck

Library Online Resources: Funk & Wagnall’s New Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, Student Research Center, Points of View Reference Center, Academic Search Complete, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Testing and Education Reference Center, Grolier Online Passport, World Book Web.