What’s New on Hoopla in September 2021?

There's so much great new stuff on Hoopla Digital this month! Here are some of our top picks!

Call Me Athena: Girl From Detroit by Colby Cedar Smith: Athena's life is not an easy one. Even though she was born in the USA, her parents are newly arrived immigrants from France and Greece, who struggle to provide for Athena and her siblings in a tiny apartment in Michigan. Plus, it's the 1930's, right in the middle of the Great Depression, so everything is scarce, making Athena wonder why in the world her parents ever came to the USA, and whether her family really has any kind of future in their new country.

Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaefer: Nita wants to make one thing perfectly clear: she is NOT a murderer. She has never killed any of the magical creatures whose body parts she sells on the black market. No, the murderer is her mom, who does all the hunting. Nita just does what she has to to survive... until the day her mom brings home a living being. When Nita refuses to kill the helpless creature, she learns dark truths about the world around her, and ends up fighting for her freedom and her life, when she finds herself in the place of her former victims: for sale on the black market.

You Owe Me a Murder by Eileen Cook: Kim has just learned to very valuable lessons: be VERY careful what you say to people when your heart is broken, and never trust a random stranger you just met on a plane. When Kim meets Nikki on a flight to London (the same flight which contains her ex and his new love) and jokes about wishing her boyfriend was dead, she means it as a totally harmless statement. But then her ex turns up dead, and Nikki, who feels she did Kim a favor by doing the deed, wants Kim to murder someone in return.