Reconsideration of Materials Form

The Yuma County Library District welcomes the opinions of its patrons concerning items in its collection. The Collection Development Policy on selecting library materials is available for review on our website.  To help us understand your concerns please answer each question as completely as possible. A written       response will be sent to you. *One Reconsideration of Materials Form is required for each material.

Please note that all correspondence with the Yuma County Library District is considered public record, and may be provided to entities requesting copies under the Freedom of Information Act. 

Your name: _________________________________ Date: ______________________
Address: ___________________________________ Zip: ________________________
Library Card #: ______________________________
Material on which you are commenting
Book, DVD, Compact Disc, Other ____________________________________
Author: ______________________________________
Title: ________________________________________

1. Why would you like this material to be reconsidered? (Please be specific, include page numbers or specific passages).

2. Have you examined the entire resource?  YES, NO If not, what portions?

3. What action do you recommend the library take on this material?

4. What items would you recommend in place of or in addition to the title in question?

You may return this form to any library or send directly to the Collection Development Office.
Yuma County Library District
Collection Development Office

Form Received by Library: _____________________




Reviewed by Library Board of Trustees: __1/10/2023_________

Adopted by Yuma County Board of Supervisors: __2/06/2023__

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